Wooden Soap Dish

These beautiful hand-made soap dishes are practical for any sink or tub rim. They drain very well so soap lasts a very long time. Made from a solid block of pine 3" X 3 5/8"

$7 each

Sisal Washcloth

We love our sisal washcloth so much we decided to make it available to our customers. Sisal is a natural fiber from the Agave plant and it's excellent for stimulating circulation and exfoliating skin. This measures roughly 12 by 12 inches with a neatly bound sewn edge to give you years of use.

$ 7 each


“Hi, I discovered your products at Soldotna Professional Pharmacy and I purchased the face cream, body lotion, the wash cloth and lip balm. Wow!!!  They are all such wonderful products. I wanted to thank you for them. Each and every one is so great in its own way.  I am anxious to try out the rest of the line. My skin feels so indescribably soft, silky and hydrated. THANK YOU!”
Michelle W., Soldotna, AK


“I ordered a soap dish about two years ago to go along with my favorite goat milk soap ever – your Wild Iris, and the dish still looks new and works very well. I normally wouldn’t write about a soap dish for heaven’s sake but I really like yours.”
Talia M., Pittsburg, PA


“Thank you for your wonderful products. I really love showering with the body wash and the sisal washcloth. It’s perfect for lather and deep cleansing.”
Elena A., Phoenix, AZ