Goat milk hydrates and restores balance to skin leaving it soft and supple, not tight and thirsty like commercial soaps. You will look forward to washing both face and body with these moisturizing and high-lather traditional cold-process soaps. Most goat milk soap is made with dried powdered milk. Yuck! We use only the freshest, organic milk from a small local farm ensuring the most nourishing, healthy soap possible.

We grow organic herbs and flowers for our soap and other products. Lavender doesn’t grow well outside in Alaska, but in our high tunnel (like a greenhouse), it flourishes, and smells divine! It not only contributes an incredible scent to our soap, it adds many beneficial properties and gentle exfoliation.

Contains: saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, Alaskan pure water, hand-milked goat milk, essential oils, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant).

Tundra Spice   Our choice blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon, orange and clove essential oils mirrors the rich and complex aroma created by the tiny flowering plants in the Alaskan tundra. With nourishing organic plant oils and local hand-milked goat milk, Tundra Spice is a super-softening soap with a rich lather that is beneficial for all skin types including sensitive and very dry. For face and whole body, this soap rinses clean and is exceptionally moisturizing. Ground organic oats provide gentle exfoliation.

4 oz bars are $6.50 each

Lavender Fields With a rich creamy lather, Lavender Fields is beneficial to sensitive and/or dry skin and will leave you soft and supple. Our lavender essential oil is the purest available and our homegrown organic flowers provide gentle exfoliation. Relax and enjoy the wholesome benefits of our nourishing organic plant oils and local, hand-milked goat milk in Lavender Fields Goat Milk Soap.

4 oz bars are $6.50 each

Fireweed   We harvest our local fireweed flowers in the peak of radiance and add orange, patchouli, ylang-ylang and eucalyptus essential oils to create a delicate floral scent. This is Susan’s favorite soap. With nourishing organic plant oils and hand-milked goat milk from our neighbors, Fireweed is great for face and whole body, rinsing clean and moisturizing skin. This is a super-softening soap with a rich lather that is beneficial for all skin types including sensitive and very dry.

4 oz bars are $6.50 each


"I LOVE Alpenglow products! I worked in Denali for four summers and would purchase your products in the shops. I've officially run out of my supply of soaps and cottonwood balm. Very happy I can order them online"
. Keith R., Washington DC

"I've used a local goat milk soap for years that I thought was ok but not great. And then I tried yours. It's worth the shipping cost because your soap lasts so long, and they really are moisturizing. I wash my face with it and use it in the shower too. A few bars last me a very long time. And the scents are soooo good."
Janice T., Daytona, FL

"My skin has NEVER been as clear and beautiful as it is now. I've been a faithful Alpenglow product user for years, and since switching solely to your lavender products on my face, I no longer see any blemishes and have received more compliments on my complexion than ever. If there are any Metrin users out there who like your other products but are wavering on trying your soaps and face creams, I highly encourage them to give up the fight and the chemicals and just make the switch! If they give your facial products an HONEST go, I can't imagine that they'll ever go back! A fraction of the cost, only 2 steps (not 5!), NO CHEMICALS, and BEAUTIFUL skin!!! We're getting ready for our first baby, so I'm stocking up now on the cottonwood balm to have in his diaper bag at all times! Thank you so much for the care you've obviously put into your products! I have NO worries about using ANY of your things on his delicate skin! Thank you, again!"
Erika J., Billings, MT

"We have been using Alpenglow for 10 years now. My husband has never ever raved about a soap product before but truly loves your products and always reminds me to order more. Thanks for keep things natural."
Irene B., Beachwood NJ

“The scent of your products are always been with me. I can walk through my bathroom and remember meeting you, long before your two children were born. I have tried other soaps, when I have run out, but I just do not find anything as wonderful as yours. You not only have shared your great products but your family as well.”
Charlene E., Pollack Pines, CA

“I found you from an online search and tried your product last year.  Love it!  It's perfection. All of it works better than anything out there.  My skin cracks from regular soap, but not yours. Thank you for making a truly natural and helpful product.”
Jennifer G., APO, AE

“Love, love, love your soaps - last forever and never cease to remind me of wonderful times spent several years ago in Alaska. Takes me back to that unexplainable feeling you are so fortunate to enjoy every day. I'll just continue to dream of returning!”
Joyce W., Upland, IN

“When I was living in Alaska I bought your soap from New Sagaya. Then we moved to Seattle and now Minneapolis and Alpenglow has followed me all of the way.  Even my husband is hooked which is why I am ordering today- I got a holler from the shower this morning ‘honey, you'd better order more Alpenglow soap, we're running low!’ My husband has Alopecia Areata and yours is the only soap that does not irritate his skin. Not to mention that everyone we meet says that we smell so good! Thanks Susan for your excellent product and service. I hope you keep it up!”
Bernadette G., Minneapolis, MN

“Susan, I LOVE your products!  This is my 3rd or 4th order from you now and I'm so excited to try new products with each order!  Your soaps and cottonwood balm are absolutely wonderful!  I have never had anything work to stop itchy bug bites or cuts as well as this stuff!  It's truly a wonderful product!  We've recently moved from California to Montana and the mosquitos here are just terrible – your insect repellant really works, wow. Thank you so much for making such wonderfully-working good-for-my-skin products!!”
Erika T., Billings, MT

“I ordered a soap dish about two years ago to go along with my favorite goat milk soap ever – your Wild Iris, and the dish still looks new and works very well. I normally wouldn’t write about a soap dish for heaven’s sake but I really like yours.”
Talia M., Pittsburg, PA

"I had the opportunity to observe Susan Houlihan making her soaps and other products at her home. I can't picture anyone putting more care or meticulous craftsmanship into their work. There is no reason to buy commercial products when I've seen first hand how superior Alpenglow's quality and purity is. This is the best stuff there is."
Jamie Z., Tacoma, WA

"I love my Alpenglow products! I keep picking up more things from your line, I just love them. With your shea butter and goat milk soap it is so hard to get out of the shower, and I can't wait for the next. My skin feels great. I have cracked fingernails from gardening. Two days later they are practically healed with your balsam poplar balm. Fantastic stuff!"
Simone O, Nikiski, AK

"I love your goat milk soap. I've been buying handmade soap for years and I've never found a soap that smells so good, lasts so long and leaves my skin so soft. I use it on my face and so does my teenage son. It has helped clear up his acne without any other chemicals or creams. You have a life long customer here! Thanks,"
Harmony B., Spokane, WA

"I LOVE your soaps. The smells are out of this world and they are so moisturizing. They are a really good value too. I’ve been using different natural soaps with olive oil and goats milk for the past two years and have found they all have a similar rate of attrition: 2 weeks. Two lousy weeks and they are completely melted. Your soap usually lasts me 5 or 6 weeks and I am a frequent showerer. I’m addicted."
Lisa P., Seattle, WA