Our distinctive cream is very concentrated and incredibly effective at moisturizing and softening skin, and it can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic jojoba is a grease-less oil that completely absorbs into skin, it does not clog pores and it provides unmatched elasticity. Organic unrefined shea butter has a very rich nutritional profile nourishing and softening our facial skin like nothing else. Willow bark extract promotes cell exfoliation resulting in an improvement of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and it’s excellent for problem skin conditions.

Our face cream contains only 100% natural ingredients, and every ingredient is beneficial to your skin. There is no diluting or drying alcohol, no petroleum products, no fragrances or perfumes. 100% pure essential oils are used for beneficial properties and scent. They will not irritate even the most sensitive complexions.

Many customers tell us they have an entire cupboard filled with skin care products claiming to help sensitive or problem skin types, that don't work for them. Once they've found Alpenglow, they search no more. If you want healthy, radiant skin you're in luck. All scents of our face cream are truly beneficial for all facial skin so choose your favorite scent. We use only essential oils and the scents are not overpowering – they smell wonderful and natural.

Contains: Alaskan pure water, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, organic sweet almond oil, pure beeswax, vegetable emulsifying wax, organic unrefined shea butter, leucidal complete (natural preservative), willow bark extract, pure essential oils, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant), sodium borate (natural emulsifier).


Lavender & Ylang-Ylang

With lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils, this is a warm and calming blend.



Our most popular scent with lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lemongrass and clove essential oils to create a light citrus blend.


Rose Geranium

Like a walk in a rose garden with rose geranium essential oil, not your grandma’s overpowering rose perfume.



Midnight Sun

Lavender and patchouli essential oils form a synergistic scent that is both sweet and exotic.




No essential oils, no scent.



"After the first week of traveling to Alaska, my skin got very dry and flaky. I found your face cream in the hotel gift shop. I have been using it since then. It is wonderful. Nothing like it."
Susan C., Riverside, RI

"I bought some face cream at the Homer Farmers Market only 2 weeks ago. I love the Unscented Face Cream and the Cottonwood Balm so much, I had to order more so I don't ever have to be without! I have rosacea and sensitive skin issues, and I love both products. I used the Cottonwood Balm on my face during a period of extreme sensitivity and it helped so much! It is healed now and the Unscented Face Cream is very soothing. Thanks!"
Amy P., Flagstaff, AZ

"I love the face cream (Forget Me Not) I bought and am ordering more products. My face feels so soft and healthy! I've bought so many types of creams in stores and on the internet. Yours is far better. I'm super impressed with your family business! Please send business cards with my order. I'm passing them out!"
Rachel T., Tempe, AZ

“We bought some Alpenglow when we were in Alaska a couple years ago. My daughter won't use anything else on her face.”
Denise G., Smithton, IL

“I bought this at the Homer farmers market this summer while visiting family. It's the best face cream I've ever found. Thank you!”
Charlie B., Chicago, IL

"I was recently in AK for 19 days and forgot to pack my expensive moisturizer. A local store in Seward recommended your product and I loved it. When I returned to PA my aesthetician asked if I had a little facial lift in AK -lol - has to be your face cream because others have inquired about my skin care too!!! I keep referring my friends to your products, they are fantastic!!!"
Nancy M., Bear Lake, PA

"Tried your face cream when I bought it at the Farmers market in Homer, Alaska. I live in California now but still want it, thanks for offering it online. It's the best!"
Christina D., San Diego, CA

"I was having red patches and dry skin no thanks to pregnancy hormones and I have been using facial oils but it didn't help. I remembered your face cream and in 2 applications, my skin wasn't peeling anymore plus the redness subsided! My go-to moisturizer now, thanks for making great products!"
Leah C., Singapore, Korea

"It is the only cream I use and I'm 69 and people are all ways saying I look so much younger even with my white hair. I have NO facial wrinkles. Keep up the good work."
Mary S., Delta, AK

"My sister uses all of your Alpenglow products & introduced me to them. ILOVE them because they are all natural and you use no harsh chemicals. My daughter has very sensitive skin, and since using Alpenglow, her skin looks so much better. Thank you."
Gabrielle R., Soldotna, AK

"My daughter and I just love the face cream! I am undergoing chemotherapy now, and this is the best and most soothing cream that I have found to use on my face and neck area. It is also wonderful for radiation burns and sunburn. I am so glad that you make this product!"
Bea Y.S., Lenoir, NC

"I found Alpenglow in Seward this past summer. I was looking for a rich moisturizer made from natural ingredients to sooth my sad, burnt skin (I had just spent 9 days at Denali base camp). I love this stuff and I'm so glad you sell your products online!"
Carrie P., Somerville, MA

"I love all your products! I bought them while visiting AK and it's my favorite face cream."
Candace D., Jacksonville, FL

"I continue to love Alpenglow above all others. Each fall I look forward to replenishing my supply of Rose Geranium Face Cream and Rosewater Spring Facial Cleanser. My all time favorites!"
Lorinda K., Farmington Hills, MI

"I have used your face cream for four years. Discovered it on a trip to Homer, AK. It's the BEST!"
Neta K., Billings, MT

"I have very sensitive skin. I have many concerns about what goes into products, especially ones I put on my body. I also LOVE to support local businesses. So you can imagine how happy I was when I came across your products. The ingredients are pure, necessary and really thought out. No nasties. Made in Alaska, awesome! I purchased the Rosewater Spring Facial Cleanser and the Lavender Solstice Face Cream. When I bought these products, middle of winter, it was because my skin was soooo dry, itchy and dull. These products seemed promising, no SLS, alcohol, etc... I was AMAZED at how effective the cleanser was. Gentle and effective. Smells great, not too strong. Of course I loved the face cream too. Also gentle, effective and smells great. Recently, I bought some facial lotion from a natural, organic name brand out of curiosity. Today I used it, and boy, my face did not like it! I broke out in an itchy, bumpy rash. Not only that but minutes later my skin was SO dry. I was extremely disappointed. I missed work because of this. I then put on the Lavender Solstice Face Cream from you guys, I mean, I SLATHERED it on. My face just about instantly felt calmed. Like seriously, no itch, no discomfort. I didn't use any Benadryl or allergy relief. I was amazed and so thankful. Ten minutes after my shower and putting the Lavender Face Cream on, the redness and bumps - completely gone. I've always liked your products but to have them bring such instant relief to an angry face, so thankful. My face is moisturized, not greasy and is so much happier. Can't wait to try more of your products... I am a believer!!! Love it. Need it. Thank you!"
Bailey W. Anchorage, AK

"We went to the farmer's market and I tried the face cream because I have pretty bad psoriasis on my legs. This cream has worked better than several prescription medications."
Troy B. Appleton, WI

"You make a wonderful face cream. I live in the desert where it is either dry & cold or dry & very hot. With low humidity and only a few inches of rain a year, my skin gets like leather. Best moisturizer I've found."
Denise F. Rosamond, CA

"I ran out of the face cream in December and have finally gotten around to ordering it. There just is NO substitute for this cream and how good it is. I use the Unscented on my face and the Midnight Sun on my hands. Everyone at work likes to use the Midnight Sun, too, because it smells so good! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such great products."
Jennifer C. Boston, MA

"Bought some lotion and face cream in gift shop in Denali, now I am a true believer and spreading the joy to my sisters."
Katherine A., Napa, CA

"I have been using the rose geranium face cream since moving to Barrow. My skin is very soft and supple and I think it helps protect against the harsh cold. Thanks for great products."
Heidi A., Barrow, AK

"I am sure that you get a ton of fan mail, but I wanted to take the extra time out of my day to say thank-you nonetheless. I have tried everything under the sun for my overly sensitive/eczema prone skin (including prescribed/medicated and had zero luck. Randomly while shopping at a local Walgreens I happened to stumble across your products. Normally I wouldn't pay 14.00 for a face lotion, but my skin had been screaming for help for days so I picked up a container of your unscented face cream. I will NEVER go back to anything else. Literally all of the eczema that used to plague my face (especially in the winter months of Alaska) has cleared up. I cannot express the joy and relief this brings to my everyday life. I am currently on my 3rd container of miracle cream and will continue to use many more. Plus I have been telling everyone I love about this little jar of goodness. I hope it brings your excellent company some new fans. "
Joanna M., MatSu Valley, AK

"I have replaced about 10 expensive products from my face care routine with your 2 products. I love your products! I love the simplicity of ingredients and how well they work! Thank you! It was exactly what I was looking for to eliminate some chemicals from my life/body."
Jennifer F., Clarksville, TN

"My skin has NEVER been as clear and beautiful as it is now. I've been a faithful Alpenglow product user for years, and since switching solely to your lavender products on my face, I no longer see any blemishes and have received more compliments on my complexion than ever. If there are any Metrin users out there who like your other products but are wavering on trying your soaps and face creams, I highly encourage them to give up the fight and the chemicals and just make the switch! If they give your facial products an HONEST go, I can't imagine that they'll ever go back! A fraction of the cost, only 2 steps (not 5!), NO CHEMICALS, and BEAUTIFUL skin!!! We're getting ready for our first baby, so I'm stocking up now on the cottonwood balm to have in his diaper bag at all times! Thank you so much for the care you've obviously put into your products! I have NO worries about using ANY of your things on his delicate skin! Thank you, again!"
Erika J., Billings, MT

"I have to tell you that today after using my Forget-Me-Not face cream first thing this morning, then working all day in a greenhouse and barn, this gal came up to me this evening while I was working at a swimming pool and wanted to know what smelled so good. That is the second time this week........Nice thing about your products, they are never too overpowering, just gentle. "
Karen B., Lander, WY

"I have used your products for the last 3 years, ever since I visited Alaska. It's the only facial cream I can use. Can't find anything like it. Keep up the great products!"
Cheryl D., Epping, NH

"I purchased your lavender fields facial cleanser and the forget me not face cream. I'm 35 and have suffered from acne for what seems like forever. Since I've used your products, my skin has been AMAZING! I've tried everything from prescriptions to the latest crap they sell on TV, and nothing has ever worked like this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
Brooke W., Anchorage, AK

"My daughter in Fairbanks gave us your face cream. We are amazed at how soft and smooth our skin feels!! We have since fallen in love with the lotion since I work in the medical profession and have to constantly wash my hands. "
Pamela H., Chillicothe, IL

“I first bought your face cream at a Christmas show in Anchorage and I fell in love with it. You make a fabulous product with top quality essential oils. I really notice the difference.”
Diana B., Anchorage, AK

“A while back I shared your face cream with one of my friends from Sacramento. She was so wowed by the products, I think she became a full on convert to Alpenglow. Thanks so much for creating such awesome pure products I love to share with dear friends.”
Kathy H., Arroyo Grande, CA

“Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for your amazing products. A year ago I purchased your shampoo and hair rinse and have since bought the face creams, facial cleansers and the cottonwood balm. I’ve loved every single product and will definitely be purchasing some more very soon. I’m definitely going to be a life-long customer! Thanks again!”
Nicole M., Melbourne, Australia

“I love your face creams! I live in Colorado and it is very dry here...I use the face cream around my eyes and it helps so much with those tiny lines I develop in this dry climate. I am also very sensitive to many eye cream products, but have never had any problems with irritation when I use Alpenglow creams - thanks for making such great, natural products!”
Nicole W., Lakewood, CO

“We took a cruise to Alaska and I purchased some of your lavender face cream. It is wonderful. I am ordering also for my mother who is allergic to glycerin - this is the only cream I have ever found that does not contain glycerin. Thank you soooo much!!!”
Susan D., Lino Lakes, MN

“Spent 3 weeks in Homer last summer with my dear friends and I bought some of this cream at the Farmer's Market. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and my skin is SO dry-- this cream is FANTASTIC! Much better than the Origins (Department store brand) that I had been using-- and I love the smell of Midnight Sun! Thanks!”
Susan T., Scottsdale, AZ

“I have been using your face cream for a year now. I am 53 years old and get compliments on my skin frequently. That never happened until I started using your product. It is a great value and I don't plan to use anything else!”
Neta K., Adel, IA

“Your products are a blessing to my skin and finances! I don't think I can live w/o your face cream! Since I've been using the lavender face cream, my skin has never been so clear and beautiful. And the 1 oz jar lasts an impressively long time. Thank you so much for this wonderful product for which I can feel good about putting on my face and shelling out the dough!”
Erika T., Billings, MT

“Hi, I discovered your products at Soldotna Professional Pharmacy and I purchased the face cream, body lotion, the wash cloth and lip balm. Wow!!! They are all such wonderful products. I wanted to thank you for them. Each and every one is so great in its own way. I am anxious to try out the rest of the line. My skin feels so indescribably soft, silky and hydrated. THANK YOU!”
Michelle W., Soldotna, AK

“I received my order last week and as usual, I am very pleased with your products. I really love the Forget-me-not face cream. In my 20s, I never had a problem with acne. That all changed in my 30s when I developed adult acne that was unresponsive to the countless products that I tried. Your facial cleanser has been a real blessing for me, especially after almost 12 years of struggling with this problem. I always make sure I have plenty on hand, as I don't want to use any other product on my face. I also had some problems with hair loss and I started using your shampoo about two months ago (started with the shampoo bar). My hairdresser said that she noticed new hair growth within a month. I do color my hair, but your shampoo is very gentle on my color and amazingly I do have to wash my hair less often even during our very hot weather the past few weeks. Thanks so much for creating such wonderful products. I wish I would live closer to you as I would love to help you make your products! I love the insect repellant not only for its effectiveness, but also for the fragrance.”
Cathy B., Mount Wolf, PA

“We bought some of your products last year at the Kenai River Festival in Soldotna, AK. I've been out of your face cream for about 6 months and really miss it. Looking forward to getting my order! Thanks!”
Margie L., Colton, OR

“I was in Homer and went to the Farmers Market and purchased the face cream, cottonwood balm and body lotion and I absolutely love them all!!”
Susan F., Mountain Homer, AR

“I met you at the Forest Faire! I love my lavender face cream, but my friend had the midnight sun and it smelled so good that I have to try it too.”
Brooke A., Kotzebue, AK

“My mom gifted me with the facial moisturizer a few years ago. Loved it! I recently visited her and used her hand and body lotion, now I want to order it for myself, along with other products. They are all amazing.”
Kathy T., White Bear Lake, MN

"My 20 month old son has had a patch of eczema on his cheek for most of his life. It comes and goes and we have tried everything, including hydrocortisone cream. My sister started putting her Jojoba Hand and Face Cream on it and it has really helped. We live in New York City and it gets very dry here in the winter so I know I'll have to keep something on it most of the time and I am so happy to have found something all natural. He calls it his "medicine" and loves putting it on his "booboo". Thank you for providing us with the cream and you can count on an order from Manhattan when we need more!"
Megan L., New York, NY

"I quickly grabbed a jar of your Jojoba Hand and Face Cream at the crafts fair yesterday, and I have to tell you that it is the BEST I have ever used. I have been trying for years to find something just like this! The Jason Shea Nut Butter was too heavy, the Avalon Organics Moisturizer too thin. I cannot wait to try your soaps and shampoo bar and lip balm. I will be getting many of your 1 oz. creams for Christmas gifts! Thank you for making such a great product, so naturally, and here in Alaska!! You have a fan in Kasilof!"
Lauri P., Kasilof, AK

"For many years I battled the loss of muscle tone and hormonal changes due to severe liver disease. Now, I am healthy again from a liver transplant and ready to take on the world. I am so happy to have found your jojoba cream. The rich, emollient texture has revitalized my skin giving it a youthful glow that defies my 47 years. Now my skin feels as young as I do, again. Thanks again for a superior product!"
Talyne C., Palmer, AK

"Thank you so much for your products which have really made a difference in my life. The jojoba cream helps soothe the eczema that breaks out on my hands from stress. The massage oil rocks too. I use it for my boyfriends daily foot massages and he loves it. The wrappers you use around each soap are so attractive that it's tempting to just keep them on the shelf to look at and smell. It really makes my day better to wake up and use your products which I trust for my entire family. The scents are the absolute best, not gaudy or overwhelming, but naturally delightful. I love your stuff."
Bonnie A., Phoenix, AZ

"I can't believe the difference in my skin with your products. Winters in Alaska are very difficult, especially on my very dry skin. My legs are usually flaking off this time of year and my heels are usually cracked and bleeding. With your balsam poplar balm my heels are soft and there is no more bleeding or pain. With your cream my legs are soft, my face doesn't feel dry and it's the first winter without hangnails. I tell everyone about your products because I am so impressed with how effective they are and believe me, I have tried just about everything out there. Thanks so much."
Pam G., Anchorage, AK

"Both of the creams I ordered are heavenly. The Midnight Sun and Lavender Solstice are soothing and peaceful scents. I can't adequately express how wonderful these creams are to use and the pure and natural aromas are simply beautiful. I will be ordering more of your wonderful products soon. Thanks for making such great products!"
Melissa B., Lawrenceville, GA

"I have PCOS which leads to cystic acne. One month ago when I almost gave up on my skin, I tried your product on my face. It has done wonders. Can't wait to see what my skin looks like in a couple months."
Tanya H., Middlefield, CT

"I received a few of your products as a gift, now I can't think of being without. I ran out of the hand and face cream. Now I feel like my face will dry up, crack and fall off. I sure don't want to be faceless in CT. Keep up the good work."
Suzy B., Durham, CT

"I first tried Alpenglow 2 years ago when I met Susan at the AK Women's show Your products, especially the face and hand lotion are by far the most effective thing I have ever used on my face, I have sensitive and dry skin I have gotten all my sisters all over America into your products and we all agree that you are very wise and talented people whom we enjoy supporting. We hope we can buy your products FOREVER! Thanks again for all you do."
Julie S., Anchorage, AK

"You really run a wonderful business and I am amazed at the quality of the product and how it feels on my skin I sometimes feel bad for women who don't know that such a wonderful product is made locally by people who really care about their customers and they go down to Nordstroms and buy expensive stuff that has unhealthy ingredients. I spread the word whenever I get a chance about Alpenglow The cream and lip balm are always in my back pack and go with me everywhere. The cream and lip balm are what I put on before I go to bed and and the first thing I put on when I wake up."
Helen L., Anchorage, AK

"Thank you for such wonderful products. A friend had me use the hand and face cream while we were in Lake Tahoe and it was so wonderful that when I returned home, I went on line to track you down. How delighted I was to find you and order more products. The cream surpasses all others. The light fragrance is perfect for men and women. I love the massage oil and take it with me for my massages. Thank you for such a high quality product! You have a wonderful product line."
Susan E., Groton, MA & Zephyr Cove, NV

"Your unscented skin cream is really unparalleled. Since I began using it my face has been hydrated well and my skin has cleared up tremendously. I am giving your products as gifts so others may enjoy them as well. Thanks."
Janis K., Anchorage, AK

"I just purchased some of your cream You told me that it would not clog my pores (a problem I have when putting anything on my face) and you were right!! I am amazed at how supple it makes my face feel and it smells wonderful. I would swear that my wrinkles are not quite so prominent, either. I just purchased more of your product for myself and for holiday presents Thanks"
Roxy M., Soldotna, AK

"After just one application of the hand and face cream my daughter said her eczema felt entirely better. What a relief to have her not be so miserable with the itching. She loves the way it feels on her skin and she hates greasy creams. And the scent of the Midnight Sun is so relaxing. I really think it helped her sleep better too. I love that I can use this same cream on my face. It's the perfect cream. Thank you."
Lois B., RN, Manchester, NH

"I bought a small jar of your midnight sun hand and face cream and I have to tell you how wonderful it is. First of all, I liked using it as a body cream, not just for hands and face. Since my chemotherapy treatment in 1999 I have not been able to find a cream/lotion/moisturizer - ANYTHING - to put on my face without it breaking out in a rash until your cream. Your skin care products really work for my sensitive skin. Thank you."
"Meg L., Seattle, WA

"A friend gave me some of your face cream last October for my birthday. I have been using it all winter and I absolutely love love love it! This is the first winter in Alaska that the skin on my face doesn’t look like a reptile!"
Karey L., Talkeetna, AK