Our family uses only Alpenglow hair care products, absolutely nothing else. They are simple to use, healthy, very concentrated and they creating luscious hair without multiple steps. Plus they’re inexpensive, and completely non-toxic.

For hair to be healthy and beautiful it needs to be free of the toxins and residues found in the plethora of hair care products on the market. Environmental pollutants and topical chemicals can cause irritated itchy scalp and build-up. This prevents healthy respiration, attracts dirt, and weighs down hair causing it to break easily and thin. With Alpenglow Shampoo Bars you will likely find you can wash your hair less frequently because there is no waxy build up.

Directions for hair: Wet your hair and rub the bar around your head several times. Spread the rich lather and built-in conditioners throughout your hair, working it into your scalp. Rinse. Follow with Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinse. Safe for color-treated hair. We never use sodium laurylth sulfate so our shampoo cleans your hair without stripping. Our premium nourishing oils will condition your hair without weighing it down.

Directions for shaving:   Men - Wet your shave brush with warm water then rub on our shave bar to get a rich lather. Enjoy a cleaner shave that leaves your skin moisturized. Empty soap dish or shave mug of any remaining water.   Women - no shave brush necessary, just rub the bar on skin to be shaved and you’ll get a rich lather that will leave your skin soft and silky.

Take it in your carry-on luggage, pool or gym bag and camping kit and use it head to toe.

Contains: Alaskan pure water, saponified organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil, castor oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic jojoba oil, pure essential oils, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant). Keep in a well-drained soap dish.

Aurora   The magnificent display of northern lights (Aurora Borealis) inspired this bar with a revitalizing blend of lavender and rosemary essential oils, beneficial to all hair types, including color-treated. Moisturizes and improves hair texture, stimulates scalp, adds volume and shine, leaves hair clean and healthy. Follow with Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinse. Provides a super close shave and leaves skin moisturized.

4 oz bars are $6.50 each

Alaskan Cedar The intoxicating scent of an evergreen forest emerges as this shampoo works up a rich lather from cedarwood and bayrum essential oils. Perfect for all hair types (including color-treated) and great for shaving. Moisturizes and improves hair texture. Adds volume and shine. Leaves hair clean and healthy. Follow with Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinse. Provides a super close shave and leaves skin moisturized.

4 oz bars are $6.50 each


“I love your products. The Shampoo Bar is fantastic. My hair feels like silk. The Cottonwood Balm healed a little scaly patch I have had on my face for years. I tried lots of RXs, but they never worked. I rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds on Oahu. I have used the Cottonwood balm on sores and it has worked. I will tell all the bird rehabbers here about the products.”
Patty S., Honolulu, HI

"I heard about you from a friend and have been using your products for two years...I am so appreciative of your products and the ingredients you choose to use. Thank you so much for creating these beautiful soaps, shampoos, rinses, and creams containing natural ingredients!! "
Glynn H., Fairbanks, AK

"I am a cancer patient who has previously ordered. I was in remission for only 4 months when my cancer (ovarian) returned. After losing all of my hair earlier this year, it is 1 inch long now!! My skin and scalp are so fragile from the damage of chemotherapy. Thank you for producing such a quality product. I originally found these products at a street fair in Soldotna in the summer of 2010 and I will continue to use them."
Kimberly C., Great Falls, MT

"I love the shave bars and have used them for 6 years now. The brush works great with them and my once raw, red, and bumpy face, is totally clear and smooth. Please don't ever stop making these."
Paul C., Albany, NY

"I love your shampoo bar – it’s only thing I have used on my hair for a year now - continue to love it."
Martha F., McAlester, OK

"I bought your shampoo and shave bar for my husband. He has not used anything else since.  It cleared up a very dry scalp problem he had.  He had tried many other products including doctor prescribed medicated shampoos and nothing worked.  I tried it and it relieved my dry itching scalp.  I am going to continue buying all of your hair products. Thank you."
Ronna M., Soldotna, AK

“I used the shampoo bar last night.  Rubbed it around my head a couple of times and then rinsed.  Oh my!  I have never used anything that cleaned like that!  Truly amazing. One wash and talk about squeaky clean, really! I love it. Thank you so much for your inspiration and for bringing these effective, gentle and love infused products into being.”
Linda D., Everett, WA

“I visit a long hair website and there is a section devoted to shampoo bars. Most of the women there have used bars from one particular place,(as I have) and they complain of getting the waxies from the bars. One of the women stated that she has ordered from you and loves the bars. She stated that her hair is awesome with them. I love the feel of my hair with Alpenglow.”
Rita S., Winder, GA

“I recently purchased the shampoo bar at Two Sisters Bakery in Homer – what a wonderful product. The scents are divine and they are easy and fabulous to use. Thank you.”
Martha F., McAlester, OK

“Thank you for making such amazing products!  I love that I can buy a locally made product that is all natural, reasonably priced, and works better than all the crap on the market.  I look forward to washing my hair in the morning and love how it looks so great with less work on my part because of your great products.”
Melissa D., Eagle River, AK

“I found your products a few years ago in Homer, and I’ve used the facial cleanser since. I love what it has done for my skin.  My husband is completely hooked on the shampoo bar. Thank you for your fantastic products.”
Delphine S., Wasilla, AK

“I love your hair washing soap. I have curly, baby-fine hair that I have never been able to keep healthy looking. Expensive shampoos work for a few hours, but then my hair slowly dulls and converts into a frizzy rats nest. Your shampoo bar somehow cures that... my hair is looking healthier after each washing, and it stays shiny and well-behaved all the way through to my next shower. Amazing!”
Maureen H., Fairbanks, AK

“Just returned home from our vacation in Alaska, and my husband used the shampoo and shave bar this morning. He loved it. We will be ordering more from you in the future! Thanks for making such nice products.”
Penni H., Newcastle, CA

“I purchased your Lavender Solstice Shampoo Bar as I found your site while searching for all-natural hair care options, and was intrigued that one of your ingredients was Alaskan rain and snow.  I've tried several different shampoo bars over the last few months but yours outdoes them all.  It makes my hair feel clean and gives it tons of bounce, body and shine.  My hair has never looked so full!  I can go up to 4 days between washes now which used to be impossible for my baby-fine hair. Plus it smells so nice!  I had tried many commercial shampoos and/or conditioners over the years that promised added volume or healthier hair and nothing worked.  I had even purchased salon quality products and spent a lot of money on expensive cleansing conditioners that only really worked for a while and then had the same disappointing results as everything else I'd tried (oily, stringy roots and fried ends).  I figured out my hair just doesn't respond well to harsh sulfates and silicones.  People I know have told me that I've 'transformed' my hair and that whatever I'm using now 'actually works'.  I get compliments on how thick and healthy my hair looks now compared to before where it always looked dirty and unhealthy no matter how often I washed it.  I can't say enough good things about this product and I look forward to trying the other bars and the Herbal Hair Rinse next!  Thanks so much!”
Kylee F., Thurmont, MD

“I bought a shave brush from you at the Farmers Market in Homer because it reminded me of my grandfather. I had no idea what a pleasure shaving could be with the nice thick brush head and the fabulous scent of cedar from the shave bar. Instead of despising this morning routine, I now enjoy shaving.”
Peter K., Berkeley, CA

I also had some problems with hair loss and I started using your shampoo about two months ago (started with the shampoo bar).  My hairdresser said that she noticed new hair growth within a month. I do color my hair, but your shampoo is very gentle on my color and amazingly I do have to wash my hair less often even during our very hot weather the past few weeks. Thanks so much for creating such wonderful products. I wish I would live closer to you as I would love to help you make your products!”
Cathy B., Mount Wolf, PA

"I’m not much for writing about skincare products but I tried your shampoo bar and liquid shampoo and herbal hair rinse and they all work great. Most other shampoo bars dry my thinning hair out over time, and other "natural" shampoos I get at Whole Foods aren't really natural at all. Your products are thoughtfully formulated and very effective. I think I am seeing more hair growth! Thank you."
Michael M., Cranston, RI

"I wanted to let you know your shampoo bar is awesome! It made my hair soft, shiny and it is healing the dry skin on my scalp. It is very gentle on my hair and scalp. I do not even need conditioner. I will definitely be a returning customer for years!"
Flossie S., Wasilla, AK

"I got my brother and Alaskan Cedar Shampoo Bar to shave with. He was really skeptical, but eventually tried it when he ran out of his regular shave cream and got totally HOOKED. Thank you."
Sarah R., Brunswick, GA

"My husband and I both love what Alpenglow Shampoo Bars have done to our hair. It has added shine and fullness to my hair, and does not leave my hair feeling coated. My hair has more fullness and body than it has ever had without adding any hairspray or other product. I only condition my hair when it needs it, and it has never needed it since I have started using the shampoo bar. I am recommending it to my clients, and do not plan to ever go back to regular shampoo. Thank you so much."
Debra L., Anchorage, AK

"After discovering your products I knew I wanted to use nothing else. Now my friends are requesting some of your products - because I smell so good and my hair is beautiful. I also love being able to support a small business in a town that I love! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your soaps and shampoo bars and the rest... I love them!"
Betsy R., Brunswick, GA

"I was using Alpenglow shampoo bars for years then I just figured it was easier not to order so I started using Burt's Bees shampoo bar but it left my head feeling itchy. The other day I found one of your bars that I didn't know I still had in the cabinet. I started using it and realized that I like it so much better than Burt's Bees so I would like to place an order again!!!"
Michelle S., Saylorsburg, PA

"My hair is baby fine and I have been trying to grow it out for years, but it always breaks and has stayed the same length for about 20 years. After using the shampoo bars I began to notice my hair growth. My husband even asked what I had done to make my hair grow longer. That was in 2002 and it continues to grow with very little breaking or splitting. Since my first purchase, I use nothing else, and it has never built up any residue like most of the commercial shampoos. Thanks again for such a wonderful product."
Sandra F., Big Lake, Alaska