Our Workshop

Behind the Scenes

Alana operates the crane on our deck that hoists our large cart full of totes that we bring back and forth to our Farmers Market every Saturday. This crane also hoists 55 gal drums up to the second floor. Part of the goal in designing this new space was less heavy schlepping.


Liam learned heaps about building and was a legitimate help to Patrick at many stages of construction.


The capacity for manufacturing increased from 10 gal batch size to 50 gal batch size in our new workshop.


Both our 25 and 50 gal melters sit on scales so we measure ingredients directly into the kettles instead of transferring multiple times. The hydraulic lifts underneath allow us to pump the 25 gal tank high enough that it can fill the 50 gal tank when making products with both an oil and water phase. The glass jars above show a sampling of our dried herbs and flowers.


Susan filling jars with forget-me-not face cream.


Our soap and shampoo bar racks, which are probably the biggest contributor to the incredible scent in our workshop. Visitors are blown away by how naturally delicious, yet not overpowering it smells in here.


Our kids come into the workshop not only to remove the stems from flowers, cap jars or help count out change from the farmers market sales, they also make soap too. They are way more creative than Susan. Alana and Liam take our soap scraps and form unique shapes of their own choosing. We sell the soaps at the Homer Farmer’s Market and they keep the money. Win-win-win – way to use up scrap soap, way to keep the kids employed, way to keep customers happy about finding unique child-made adorable soaps.


Susan does spend a lot of time at the computer, that is just the reality of running a business. But with views of the Kenai Mountains from her desk, and being only a few steps away from the house and family, she couldn’t be happier with her job.


We now enter the workshop having just come in the large double door. Our neighbor designed and installed the aluminum backsplash in our ‘wet zone’ from an old panel van left on his property decades ago. Alaskans are so resourceful – junk turned to function.


With our new larger workshop Susan can efficiently pack your orders and get them shipped out daily. This keeps our happy customers enjoying our healthy, handmade products sooner than ever before.


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