Lip Balms

“Best Lip Balm EVER!” is something we hear all the time. This always brings a smile to our well moisturized lips. Our lip balm is effective at preventing and restoring chapped lips. These balms are silky, long-lasting, and taste delicious with the best organic flavors available. No synthetic ingredients.

Alpenglow has updated our lip balm containers to EcoSmart plastic. This is an earth-conscience, sustainable solution because it breaks down in biologically active environments. It’s FDA Compliant, scientifically tested and validated, and Made in USA.

EcoSmart plastic is made with PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) and PIR (Post-Industrial Recycled) plastic and then an organic additive is integrated to enhance biodegradation. The microbes in marine ecosystems and landfills do not feast on traditional plastic to break it down, in part because it repels water. The EcoSmart additive attracts both moisture and microbes to create a biofilm that allows the molecular structure of the plastic to expand and break down. The living microbes secrete enzymes which accelerate the biodegradation process, so the polymer breaks down into humus (rich organic soil). We couldn’t be more excited to transition to EcoSmart plastic for all your lip balm needs.


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