100% natural
handmade in Alaska
Skin & Hair Care

The Alpenglow Story

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... so we don't forget how wonderful our short and sweet summer in Alaska is!


Healthy Hair

With wildcrafted Alaskan botanicals full of phytonutrients and nourishing organic oils, our leave-in Conditioning & Styling Hair Treatment is ideal for moisturizing and styling hair. Nothing generates healthier hair than Alpenglow products, handmade from scratch. More...


Cottonwood Magic

We’d like to share some of the steps involved in making our Cottonwood Balm and Cottonwood Massage Oil. It is indeed a labor of love. We feel honored to work sustainably with these magical trees and Calendula flowers. More...



We believe in a healthy planet as much as we believe in healthy skin. Our family spends countless hours in wild Alaskan flower meadows and forests collecting Alaskan botanicals to create the purist, healthiest and truly best skin and hair care products available. More...



The old fashion cold process of making soap and shampoo bars is no quick process. Susan formulates the ingredient ratios for optimal moisturizing, lathering and bar longevity. Here she is slicing the block molds into towers, before slicing them into bars. Learn more...


New Workshop

Patrick built our new Alpenglow workshop using an energy efficient northern climate technique of insulating the outside of the building, instead of between studs on the inside. Take a tour of the inside here….