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Foaming Soap Dispenser Top



When you purchase a half or whole gallon of our Face, Hand & Body Wash, use this foaming dispenser top and refill your REGULAR-MOUTH Mason Jar repeatedly to reduce plastic & soap consumption. This fits a regular-mouth 16 oz pint canning jar – Ball, Kerr, Anchor Hocking etc. It will NOT fit a wide-mouth jar. It will NOT fit a 32 oz quart jar.

It’s made from rustproof stainless steel. JAR NOT PROVIDED. If you don’t have a regular mouth mason jar, chances are your local second-hand store has them. The jars are glass so please consider if that's a good option for your household and location (shower, young children, maybe not). 

Not only does it reduce plastic consumption, it saves soap. When you fill your jar, first ADD 1/3 SOAP, then top it with 2/3 WATER. If you fill it entirely with soap it will break the pump, as it is meant to work with diluted soap only. Your half or whole gallon of soap will last three times as long with this foamer top.

IF you are ordering the foaming soap dispenser WITH a half or whole gallon of Lavender Mint or Arctic Sun Face, Hand & Body Wash, we provide the appropriate label to put on your jar. Install the foaming dispenser BEFORE you apply the label so the center of the label lines up with the front of the pump. Apply label to a CLEAN & DRY jar and take your time lining it up carefully to avoid wrinkles or a crooked label.

Enjoy Alpenglow foaming soap that will leave your hands, face and whole body clean, moisturized and smelling great!

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