Use this therapeutic organic balm for soothing boo boos and ouwies. It promotes healthy skin with powerful chemical constituents found in Cottonwood buds and Calendula flowers. Use on any trashed skin like babies bottoms, hang nails, gardener’s and mechanic’s hands, overworked feet… the uses are endless and the benefits substantial. Read the testimonials to see how well it works. Excellent for problem skin, sensitive skin and babies.

Contains: Wildcrafted Cottonwood tree buds and organically grown and harvested Calendula flowers extracted in organic sweet almond oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, with pure beeswax, Vitamin E and rosemary extract (natural antioxidant).

Susan wildcrafting Cottonwood buds in early spring before leaves arrive.

Cottonwood Balm

5 g containers are $4 each

1 oz containers are $12 each

4 oz containers are $33 each

Cottonwood Massge Oil

We harvest the fragrant and resinous Cottonwood (aka Balsam Poplar) buds like Native Alaskans have for centuries to create this exquisite botanical oil. We organically grow and hand-harvest Calendula flowers and extract the powerful chemical constituents that promote healthy, balanced skin.

Massage into affected area to sooth tired feet, improve the feel of exhausted legs after a long hike, restore skin that has been exposed to the elements. It not only moisturizes, our cottonwood massage oil has a curative effect on the body with a plethora of phytonutrients.

Contains: Wildcrafted Cottonwood tree buds and organically grown Calendula flowers infused in organic sweet almond oil, organic sunflower oil, emu oil, organic jojoba oil, with Vitamin E, and rosemary extract (natural antioxidant).

4 oz bottle   $14

Ordering in bulk reduces packaging consumption and saves labor. We pass those cost savings on to you in large sizes.

32 oz (quart)   $95


"I bought a 5 gm of Cottonwood Balm while visiting Homer, AK. Lovely for cuticle care and I like the fragrance much better than Burt's Bees cuticle cream."
Jo L., Baltimore, MD

"I bought some face cream at the Homer Farmers Market only 2 weeks ago. I love the Unscented Face Cream and the Cottonwood Balm so much, I had to order more so I don't ever have to be without! I have rosacea and sensitive skin issues, and I love both products. I used the Cottonwood Balm on my face during a period of extreme sensitivity and it helped so much! It is healed now and the Unscented Face Cream is very soothing. Thanks!"
Amy P., Flagstaff, AZ

“I love your products. The Shampoo Bar is fantastic. My hair feels like silk. The Cottonwood Balm healed a little scaly patch I have had on my face for years. I tried lots of RXs, but they never worked. I rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds on Oahu. I have used the Cottonwood balm on sores and it has worked . I will tell all the bird rehabbers here about the products.”
Patty S., Honolulu, HI

“I bought a small container of the cottonwood balm at the Alyeska Resort gift shop. I used it to try to heal my hand eczema and it worked wonders after nothing else seemed to help. Thanks!”
Ryan S., Lakeland, FL

”After a year of surgeries and treatments for breast cancer, I recently had the opportunity to try your balm on my blistered skin due to radiation. Radiation leaves you with a "super sunburn". It's itchy and sore because of the blisters and peeling skin. Within a couple of hours of my first application, I realized that I wasn't itching anymore!! My skin calmed down and within 2 days, I saw a miracle. My skin was healing nicely and it was rejuvenating. It's so exciting to almost watch the healing happen, it works that fast! I hope others fighting a similar battle will find relief with your product as I did. Thank you so much.”
Kathryn M., Clinton, CT

"I bought the cottonwood balm while on vacation in Alaska and fell in love. I have so many issues with rashes and allergies and it helps both. AMAZING product."
Audrey F., Houston, TX

"I bought a small jar of cottonwood balm a couple of years ago at the Homer Farmers Market. It helped with a small rash I had on my arm, so when I had shoulder surgery over the winter, I automatically started putting it on my incisions. Eight months later and the one scar is so faded as to be unnoticable and I fully expect the second incision (much larger) to follow suit. I have terrible allergies to formaldehyde (found in almost all commercial lotions, soaps and shampoos) and have had a very hard time finding products that I can use. I am excited to try your shampoo, face cleanser and lotions. "
Robin K., Kodiak, AK

"I LOVE Alpenglow products! I worked in Denali for four summers and would purchase your products in the shops. I've officially run out of my supply of soaps and cottonwood balm. Very happy I can order them online. "
Keith R., Washington DC

"I've been used your insect repellant and cottonwood balm for the last 12 years, after a trip to Alaska. They are amazing!"
Carol V., St. Petersburg, FL

"I bought cottonwood balm when visiting Alaska. I work outside-delivering mail, and my fingers crack from the cold. This is best stuff I've found!"
Janet J., Baldwin City, KS

"Received the Cottonwood Balm as a gift. A recent rash on my leg would not clear up for 6 months with prescription drugs. I decided to use this balm and was amazed that it cleared up in two days. Even the scarring from this seeping rash is disappearing. I had to have more and try some of your other products. I have terrible arthritis so I am anxious to try the cottonwood massage oil. Great products."
Margaret R., Junction City, WI

"I've been using your Cottonwood Balm for years now and have been giving it out for Christmas gifts for several years. I used the Cottonwood Balm on my dog where she had some sores I think related to food allergies and in two days they were so much better that I could hardly believe it. I also use the Cottonwood Balm inside my nose (maybe this is too much information but I so love the effects that I cannot help but tell you this) for sinus related dryness and bleeding. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for being so caring and I appreciate your picking GOOD, not synthetic, ingredients for your products."
Diana S., Bremerton, WA

"I haven't tried your face cream yet, but I wanted to let you know how fabulous I found your cottonwood balm to be! I've been struggling with a recently developed gluten allergy that gives me some wicked skin rashes. This is the only thing that has been able to heal the dry patches literally overnight. When I ran out I went to your site and saw that New Sagaya carries all your products. Thank you!"
Chelsea R., Anchorage, AK

"I wanted to let you know how fabulous I found your cottonwood balm to be! I've been struggling with a recently developed gluten allergy that gives me some wicked skin rashes. This is the only thing that has been able to heal the dry patches literally overnight."
Chelsea R. Anchorage, AK

"A friend brought me a sample of cottonwood balm after her trip to Alaska. My hands were healed in two days! I depend on cottonwood balm to heal my dry, cracked hands in winter."
Vicki A. Mills River, NC

"My sister told me about your products after returning from a fair a few years ago. I am a big fan. Since I discovered your lip balm and cottonwood balm I have not purchased another product for my lips and feet. Both products are the best and I never have dry feet or chapped lips. Thanks for the time you put into your quality products."
Moira H., Palmer, AK

"I was baking a freshly picked apple crisp in a skillet and managed to forget the handle was hot a few minutes after I pulled it out of the oven. I gave myself a pretty sassy second-degree burn! After an hour or so of burning discomfort, I finally remembered my Cottonwood Balm, I slathered some on and I swear within five minutes the tingling, burning and discomfort was gone! I put some more on the next morning and throughout the day. After less than two days, this burn is all but gone! Thank you for making such amazing, quality, accessible, and reasonably priced items. This Cottonwood Balm is a MUST!"
Genevieve T.L, Marina, CA

"I purchased a 5 gram container of your Cottonwood Balm while visiting Denali, Alaska. I needed something for all of the mosquito bites my 4-year old daughter had gotten during our trip...the mosquitoes love her! I am now re-ordering a larger size of it, as we are almost out. I have tried many bug bite creams for her, and this is the only one that consistently works, doesn't make her cry when I put it on, and in fact, it's the one she asks for! Going to try a shampoo bar this time, too, and I am adding lots of things from your website to my Christmas list this year! So glad I found your products while in Alaska!"
Jennifer H., Gallatin, TN

"We recently visited Alaska and noticed the invasion of mosquitoes. We tried the Cottonwood Balm and it stopped the itch immediately. Thank you!"
Charissa L., Roseville, CA

"The Cottonwood Balm was a Christmas gift from my son many years ago. I live on a ranch in Montana and work my fingers to the bone. This is the only thing that helps. I can't live without it."
Lori B., Pray, MT

"My skin has NEVER been as clear and beautiful as it is now. I've been a faithful Alpenglow product user for years, and since switching solely to your lavender products on my face, I no longer see any blemishes and have received more compliments on my complexion than ever. If there are any Metrin users out there who like your other products but are wavering on trying your soaps and face creams, I highly encourage them to give up the fight and the chemicals and just make the switch! If they give your facial products an HONEST go, I can't imagine that they'll ever go back! A fraction of the cost, only 2 steps (not 5!), NO CHEMICALS, and BEAUTIFUL skin!!! We're getting ready for our first baby, so I'm stocking up now on the cottonwood balm to have in his diaper bag at all times! Thank you so much for the care you've obviously put into your products! I have NO worries about using ANY of your things on his delicate skin! Thank you, again!"
Erika J., Billings, MT

"Thank you Susan for coming and sharing your knowledge with our Homer High Schools. You work wonderfully with the students. Many of them came into class today sharing stories about how they used your balm last night. It healed two burns, fixed dried elbows, soothed a parent’s ache and stung a cut! They did have a good time. Some have asked if we could do it again."
Francie R., Teacher Homer High School, AK

"I am IN LOVE with your products. I am using them all of the time (at home and work) and recommending them to everyone. I had someone the other day with a wicked, huge surgical scar and told them to try the cottonwood balm. I can't wait to see the changes at this next appointment. I personally can't believe the face cream! My skin is so much different! I like that my big neck line is gone! The gals at work are getting a bit tired of me droning on Alpenglow. Thank you so much."
Sallie R., Homer Physical Therapy, AK

"On a nature hike in Alaska they gave us a 5gr sample of your cottonwood balm. What a product! It is fabulous. I burnt my hand when removing something from the oven and it was quite a burn. I used your balm and my skin healed so lovely. There is NO scarring."
Laura F., Ontario, Canada

“Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for your amazing products. A year ago I purchased your shampoo and hair rinse and have since bought the face creams, facial cleansers and the cottonwood balm. I’ve loved every single product and will definitely be purchasing some more very soon. I’m definitely going to be a life-long customer! Thanks again!”
Nicole M., Melbourne, Australia

“Susan, I LOVE your products!  This is my 3rd or 4th order from you now and I'm so excited to try new products with each order!  Your soaps and cottonwood balm are absolutely wonderful!  I have never had anything work to stop itchy bug bites or cuts as well as this stuff!  It's truly a wonderful product!  We've recently moved from California to Montana and the mosquitos here are just terrible – your insect repellant really works, wow. Thank you so much for making such wonderfully-working good-for-my-skin products!!”
Erika T., Billings, MT

“A friend introduced me to your Cottonwood balm back in 2004 and I loved it and have been using it since. I just tried your shampoo and hair rinse and OMG, I LOVE IT!”
Alisa D., Powell, OH

“A friend sent me your cottonwood balm for my baby’s diaper rash, which has been a battle since birth. After only a couple of days it has cleared up, and has not returned due to routine applications of the balm. I’ve found nothing like it in the UK. It’s worth its weight in gold!”
Marg T., London

“I picked up your Cottonwood Balm in Denali and started using it on a couple of large, old scars that have been on my legs for about 6 months - I've been using the balm for less than two weeks and the scars have already faded drastically. Now I'm using it on sore muscles, scraped skin, dry skin, bug bites and just about everything else. It is so soothing, and I love the smell. I plan to use it all winter, how amazing it will be, in the dead of the cold winter nights, to smell like a fragrant summertime breeze.”
Laurel A., Fairbanks, AK

“I received the Cottonwood Balm as a gift after a hike/excursion from a Princess Cruise.  Almost out!  Had to have more. It’s amazing.”
Sally H., Sacramento, CA

“I used some of my daughter’s cottonwood balm and I LOVE it! Wow!”
Patricia L., Bradenton, FL

“A friend gave me one of your gift bags a couple of years ago and now has me hooked! Recently I’ve tried your cottonwood balm and arctic sun body wash and I am convinced that there is no better skincare product out there!  Keep up what you are doing, your products are divine!”
Kali S., Mankato, MN

“My bunny got into a prickly thistle weed and has sores on his feet and nose. Your cottonwood balm is the only thing that he tolerates me rubbing into his skin and it’s working great. At first I spent a fortune trying different veterinary creams and I think they sting him because he goes crazy trying to lick them off. Also, thank you for your wonderful insect repellent. I cannot believe how well it works. My husband and I went hiking after a rain and literally walked through swarms of mosquitoes and not one landed on us. I am so impressed I've been telling everyone about it.”
Lorinda K., Detroit, MI

“I bought some cottonwood balm in Denali. It has dramatically improved my husband's psoriasis. Thank you.”
Suzanne R., Lunenburg, MA

“I have to share with you that my husband has been using the cottonwood balm and really likes it.  He's given me good-natured grief over these products since my first order, years ago, but after using both the oil for his sore back and the balm on his miscellaneous itches, he's totally sold.  Thanks for making such great products that I know are also great for our skin.”
Erika T., Billings, MT

“I absolutely love your products! Besides how it makes my skin feel, the healing effects are amazing. I burned myself the other day and put the cottonwood balm on my burn and within a minute, the pain was gone! Also this last weekend I sprained my ankle. It got to be the size of a small baseball with swelling in my whole foot. The pain was tremendous! I remembered the cottonwood balm and applied it immediately. As soon as I put it on, it calmed the pain down instantly and the swelling immediately began to go down. I was able to walk on it the next day. I am grateful for these amazing products!  Thank You.”
Tamara M., Kenai, AK

“I LOVE your products.  The balm has cured my rough, cracked feet.  I live in Arizona, where it is very, very dry so your products are a lifesaver for me. I cannot live without my Cottonwood Balm. I put it on every night and every morning.  I am now going to order some of the bath and body wash. Your products are terrific!!”
Patricia A., Tucson, AZ

“I was in Homer and went to the Farmers Market and purchased the face cream, cottonwood balm and body lotion and I absolutely love them all!!”
Susan F., Mountain Homer, AR

"I can't believe the difference in my skin with your products. Winters in Alaska are very difficult, especially on my very dry skin. My legs are usually flaking off this time of year and my heels are usually cracked and bleeding. With your balsam poplar balm my heels are soft and there is no more bleeding or pain. With your cream my legs are soft, my face doesn't feel dry and it's the first winter without hangnails. I tell everyone about your products because I am so impressed with how effective they are and believe me, I have tried just about everything out there. Thanks so much."
Pam G., Anchorage, AK

"I love my Alpenglow products! I keep picking up more things from your line, I just love them. With your shea butter and goat milk soap it is so hard to get out of the shower, and I can't wait for the next. My skin feels great. I have cracked fingernails from gardening. Two days later they are practically healed with your balsam poplar balm. Fantastic stuff!"
Simone O., Nikiski, AK

"I tried a small Balsam Poplar Balm have used every last bit of it and it works wonders on my cracked fingers and heels. I love the smell - it reminds me of our memorable trip to your beautiful state."
Pat A., Tucson, AZ

"Tried your balsam poplar balm while in Alaska 2 summers ago. Now I'm sure that it's the best thing for the rash on my hands. I have seen it work on infections so I keep coming back. Thanks!"
Maxine W, Atlanta, GA

"After an accident years ago causing a hematoba and contusion to my left calf, I developed blood clots...and about 20 stasis ulcers that the doctors couldn't cure. ;Nothing worked and it was getting worse. I then tried your Balsam Poplar Balm. I applied a liberal amount to the infected area. When I first tried it, the skin actually started softening up and stayed that way. I had less pain and the ulcer was healing, My doctor at the VA said wow it looks totally different from when she saw it 30 days prior. As of April 08 the ulcer has cleared up and I have less pain. You make a wonderful product that really works and I will keep buying it even if I don't have an ulcer on my leg, it softens the skin, the aroma is great, not stinky like most products out there. I want to thank you again for making the Balsam Poplar Balm because it is awesome!!!"
Bryan H., Anchorage, AK

"Your Balsam Poplar Balm aroma is intoxicating! Its sweet, balsamic fragrance and pain relieving qualities I have come to value above all other trees and herbs As a floral designer and cat owner I got some bad knicks and scratches which became inflamed and infected, with a burning, irritated sensation. Almost instantaneously I had total irritation and pain relief upon application of the Alpenglow Balsam Poplar Balm! It is wonderous! Yours in gratitude and love of poplar trees,"
Emily R., Seattle, WA

"My grandson and I were hiking in Denali and our guides gave us a sample of the Balsam Poplar Balm. IT IS MAGIC! But you already know that! It is even working on my dog who has a skin condition. I can't picture being without it. Thank you."
Sue M., Carmel, IN

"I can't believe what a difference the Balsam Poplar Balm has made for my son’s diaper rash. I’ve tried everything over the counter including the natural stuff, and a prescription ointment for him. Nothing has worked like this. No more redness or irritation and he clearly feels better the second I put it on him. It's really phenomenal!"
Sarah M., Homer, AK

"I've been using your Balsam Poplar balm everyday for the last few weeks and I’ve noticed a major improvement in my tough old weather beaten cracked skin on both my hands and feet. I want a lifetime supply."
Dick B., Hilton, NY