"I LOVE your deodorant. Thank you for making this new product that is way better than Burt's Bees. I love the scent so I want to use it more than once a day for aromatherapy. But I really only need it in the morning, it works all day long. I am so relieved to have this! Thank you."
Kate K., Bartlett, TN

"After the first week of traveling to Alaska, my skin got very dry and flaky. I found your face cream in the hotel gift shop. I have been using it since then. It is wonderful. Nothing like it."
Susan C., Riverside, RI

"I bought some face cream at the Homer Farmers Market only 2 weeks ago. I love the Unscented Face Cream and the Cottonwood Balm so much, I had to order more so I don't ever have to be without! I have rosacea and sensitive skin issues, and I love both products. I used the Cottonwood Balm on my face during a period of extreme sensitivity and it helped so much! It is healed now and the Unscented Face Cream is very soothing. Thanks!"
Amy P., Flagstaff, AZ

"I love the face cream (Forget Me Not) I bought and am ordering more products. My face feels so soft and healthy! I've bought so many types of creams in stores and on the internet. Yours is far better. I'm super impressed with your family business! Please send business cards with my order. I'm passing them out!"
Rachel T., Tempe, AZ

"Your facial cleanser lasted me exactly 3 months, and honestly, it is the best thing my skin has experienced in...well, forever. I am also trying our shampoo bar and hair rinse now and I can't wait. Thanks so much for all you do!"
Rebecca M., Seattle, WA

"I found your lotion while on a cruise tour at Princess Copper River Lodge. My skin was very dry. This is the best lotion for my skin, better than any other product I have tried. Thanks."
John O., Roseville, CA

"I bought a 5 gm of Cottonwood Balm while visiting Homer, AK. Lovely for cuticle care and I like the fragrance much better than Burt's Bees cuticle cream."
Jo L., Baltimore, MD

"I am so excited about your Alpenglow Insect Repellant. My daughter went to a Bible Camp with a group of kids from our church in the interior of Alaska by the Yukon. We'd been told specifically not to send any natural insect repellant b/c the Alaskan mosquitos aren't like California mosquitos and they bite right through the natural stuff. They recommended 98% deet repellant. I've seen deet melt a rubber truck’s floor matt and CD case. I found your insect repellant online and was hesitant that it would work but the Pastor called me and said my daughter was the only one without even one bite! She said it worked amazingly well. I admit I was skeptical it would work, wondering if the testimonials were made up by employees or whatnot, but so pleased was I, I just had to let y'all know! Thank you x 100! My gorgeous girl came home with a clean complexion while all her friends came back with lots of acne - I'm wondering if this is also a result of the natural oils in Alpenglow?"
Candace K., Orangevale CA

"I love your products sustainability and the love that goes into them. Thank you so much!"
Jenni C., Salem, UT

"Susan is so wonderful and her products are fabulous! Her products are the best I have ever used. No Chemicals!! All pure Alaskan, and they work."
Ann G., New Osnaburgh, Ontario, Canada

“I love your products. The Shampoo Bar is fantastic. My hair feels like silk. The Cottonwood Balm healed a little scaly patch I have had on my face for years. I tried lots of RXs, but they never worked. I rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds on Oahu. I have used the Cottonwood balm on sores and it has worked . I will tell all the bird rehabbers here about the products.”
Patty S., Honolulu, HI

“I bought a small container of the cottonwood balm at the Alyeska Resort gift shop. I used it to try to heal my hand eczema and it worked wonders after nothing else seemed to help. Thanks!”
Ryan S., Lakeland, FL

”After a year of surgeries and treatments for breast cancer, I recently had the opportunity to try your balm on my blistered skin due to radiation. Radiation leaves you with a "super sunburn". It's itchy and sore because of the blisters and peeling skin. Within a couple of hours of my first application, I realized that I wasn't itching anymore!! My skin calmed down and within 2 days, I saw a miracle. My skin was healing nicely and it was rejuvenating. It's so exciting to almost watch the healing happen, it works that fast! I hope others fighting a similar battle will find relief with your product as I did. Thank you so much.”
Kathryn M., Clinton, CT

“I lived in Homer, AK last summer and started buying the Alpenglow shampoo. I now live in Hawaii and am almost out of my shampoo. I LOVE your product and will continue to use it no matter where I live.”
Crystal G., Pahoa, HI

“I have used these products for years and have found none to compare!”
Stephanie K., Grand Haven, MI

“I've been using your product for about one month and love it! Your Hand & Body Wash is also great for the face! I actually pair it up with the facial toner and facial cream for a complete skin care regimen. Nothing could be better! Thanks.”
Trenton W.

“We bought some Alpenglow when we were in Alaska a couple years ago. My daughter won't use anything else on her face.”
Denise G., Smithton, IL

“I bought this at the Homer farmers market this summer while visiting family. It's the best face cream I've ever found. Thank you!”
Charlie B., Chicago, IL

"Years ago we visited Alaska & I discovered your products. I can't find your quality, variety and products anywhere locally. They're so well made & smell so good. Nice to know they're good for me & the earth! Thank you."
Maxine W., Atlanta, GA

"I've been using your products for about 2 years now. I love them! Haven't found anything like them around these parts...(I've looked!) I love the simplicity of the ingredients and how well they work and the care put into them!"
Jennifer F., Clarksville, TN

"I love what you do and your philosophy of life. Do not change a bit of it! We need people like you and the high quality products that you make."
Maricarmen F., Manitowoc, WI

"I absolutely LOVE your products! Thank you for making such wonderful and healthy products!"
Joyce S., N Richland Hills, TX

"I am so impressed and so appreciative of your hard-working entrepreneurial Alaskan lifestyle! God bless each member of your family and all those who work with you to make a wonderful success of Alpenglow! Congratulations on a job well done."
Bella R., Olympia, WA

"I LOVE your deodorant. Thank you for making this new product that is way better than Burt’s Bees. I love the scent so I want to use it more than once a day for aromatherapy. But I really only need it in the morning, it works all day long. I am so relieved to have this! Thank you."
Kate K., Bartlett, TN

"Found you originally at one of the fairs in Anchorage. We've moved and I keep buying your lip balm. It’s the best I’ve ever used."
Karla P., Big Rapids, MI

"I was recently in AK for 19 days and forgot to pack my expensive moisturizer. A local store in Seward recommended your product and I loved it. When I returned to PA my aesthetician asked if I had a little facial lift in AK -lol - has to be your face cream because others have inquired about my skin care too!!! I keep referring my friends to your products, they are fantastic!!!"
Nancy M., Bear Lake, PA

"Tried your face cream when I bought it at the Farmers market in Homer, Alaska. I live in California now but still want it, thanks for offering it online. It’s the best!"
Christina D., San Diego, CA

"My sister uses all of your Alpenglow products & introduced me to them. I LOVE them because they are all natural and you use no harsh chemicals. My daughter has very sensitive skin, and since using Alpenglow, her skin looks so much better. Thank you."
Gabrielle R., Soldotna, AK

"I love all your products! I bought them while visiting AK and it's my favorite face cream."
Candace D., Jacksonville, FL

"I continue to love Alpenglow above all others. Each fall I look forward to replenishing my supply of Rose Geranium Face Creamand Rosewater Spring Facial Cleanser. My all time favorites!"
Lorinda K., Farmington Hills, MI

"I have used your face cream for four years. Discovered it on a trip to Homer, AK. It's the BEST!"
Neta K., Billings, MT

"A friend recommended your leave in hair treatment for my very curly, wants to be frizzy hair. I’m not really into hair products because they always disappoint, but this stuff is perfect. Don’t change a thing!"
Ben W., Seattle, WA

"Our mom has spoiled us with your products! My 11 year old son is starting to get acne. We’ve seen a huge decline in his skin condition since running out of this stuff. Had to order more of the Lavender Facial Cleanser!"
Dina Y., Siken, SC

"I met y'all at forest fair in girdwood. The Lavender Facial CleanserIS THE BEST STUFF ever! I moved to Colorado and didn't get another zit until I ran out!! Thanks so much."
Ana S., Westminster, CO

"I LOVE Alpenglow products! I worked in Denali for four summers and would purchase your products in the shops. I've officially run out of my supply of soaps and cottonwood balm. Very happy I can order them online."
Keith R., Washington DC

"I bought the cottonwood balm while on vacation in Alaska and fell in love. I have so many issues with rashes and allergies and it helps both. AMAZING product."
Audrey F., Houston, TX

"I bought cottonwood balm when visiting Alaska. I work outside-delivering mail, and my fingers crack from the cold. This is best stuff I've found!"
Janet J., Baldwin City, KS

"Received the Cottonwood Balm as a gift. A recent rash on my leg would not clear up for 6 months with prescription drugs. I decided to use this balm and was amazed that it cleared up in two days. Even the scarring from this seeping rash is disappearing. I had to have more and try some of your other products. I have terrible arthritis so I am anxious to try the cottonwood massage oil. Great products."
Margaret R., Junction City, WI

"I heard about you from a friend and have been using your products for two years...I am so appreciative of your products and the ingredients you choose to use. Thank you so much for creating these beautiful soaps, shampoos, rinses, and creams containing natural ingredients!!"
Glynn H., Fairbanks, AK

"I love the shave bars and have used them for 6 years now. The brushworks great with them and my once raw, red, and bumpy face, is totally clear and smooth. Please don’t ever stop making these."
Paul C., Albany, NY

"Your lavender body lotion was a gift given to me and my skin adored it so I'm experimenting with your other products as I avoid synthetics wherever possible."
Julie P., Tucson, AZ

"My husband absolutely loves this product. Best moisturizing lotionhe has ever used!"
Gretchen J., Clarks Summit, PA

"While in Alaska hiking our guide let us use your insect repellant and gave us a sample of cottonwood balm. I have never had repellant work that well and I love the balm! Had to buy more."
Renee Y., Ponca City, OK

"I used your insect repellant in Denali and I worked like a charm. Works well at home in the East too."
Samuel K., New York, NY

"I found you on EWG Skin Deep website years ago, and I love being a repeat customer! Our girls are getting married this spring and I've bought them each 1/2 gal sizes of Hand and Body Wash as well as other items to start their households the Alpenglow way. It's so nice to use a product that works and I can feel good about."
Janet T., Mechanicsville, VA

"I use your massage and body oils for my face, as well as my whole body moisturizer. I have never found an oil as good as yours. It’s not greasy but it’s incredibly moisturizing. It doesn’t leave my face oily, but instead soft and it really helps with fine lines and wrinkles. The purity is incredible. Thank you for making my morning routine so special."
Andrea F., Port Townsend, WA

"Still loving your wonderful products after many, many years! I'm sharing some with my kids in Arizona. It's impossible to use other shampoo now."
Susan B., Healy, AK

"My sister lives in Fairbanks and bought me the face cream and shampoo as a gift. So impressed I'm now trying everything!!"
Meredith A., Olympia, WA

"I went to the Homer Farmer's Market while I was visiting and found your wonderful lip balm there. It truly is the best."
Siobhan, K., Denver, CO

"I was having red patches and dry skin no thanks to pregnancy hormones and I have been using facial oils but it didn't help. I remembered your face cream and in 2 applications, my skin wasn't peeling anymore plus the redness subsided! My go-to moisturizer now, thanks for making great products!"
Leah C., Singapore, Korea

"It is the only cream I use and I'm 69 and people are all ways saying I look so much younger even with my white hair. I have NO facial wrinkles. Keep up the good work."
Mary S., Delta, AK

"Your new website looks wonderful. I recently purchased your Hair Conditioning Styling Treatment and OMG the scent is wonderful. I want to use it even if my hair doesn't need any extra control that day. Your products are my favorite."
Teresa S., Fairbanks, AK

"Found your body lotion at a Homer coffee/gift shop while on vacation and it was so great that I re-ordered lotion and tried your hair treatment too. The treatment is wonderful, I just love it. So now I'm also going to try your shampoo and rinse."
Juliet K., Juneau, AK

"The Mountain Meadow facial cleanser works for both my oily T-zone and my dry cheeks. It has really improved my skin’s appearance over the last 18 months that I’ve been using it. And compared to the stuff I was buying at Nordstrom, your products are so inexpensive and they really are natural. My friends have commented on how good my skin looks too!"
Shelly G., Los Angeles, CA

"I continue to be amazed at how great your shea butter soaps are--tons of lather, amazing aromas, and so very soft. Love how it transports me back to AK every day!"
Joyce W., Upland, IN

"I bought a small jar of cottonwood balm a couple of years ago at the Homer Farmers Market. It helped with a small rash I had on my arm, so when I had shoulder surgery over the winter, I automatically started putting it on my incisions. Eight months later and the one scar is so faded as to be unnoticable and I fully expect the second incision (much larger) to follow suit. I have terrible allergies to formaldehyde (found in almost all commercial lotions, soaps and shampoos) and have had a very hard time finding products that I can use. I am excited to try your shampoo, face cleanser and lotions."
Robin K., Kodiak, AK

"I’ve been used your insect repellant and cottonwood balm for the last 12 years, after a trip to Alaska. They are amazing!"
Carol V., St. Petersburg, FL

"I am a cancer patient who has previously ordered. I was in remission for only 4 months when my cancer (ovarian) returned. After losing all of my hair earlier this year, it is 1 inch long now!! My skin and scalp are so fragile from the damage of chemotherapy. Thank you for producing such a quality product. I originally found these products at a street fair in Soldotna in the summer of 2010 and I will continue to use them."
Kimberly C., Great Falls, MT

"I was working in Homer last summer and the dry weather up there wreaked havoc on my skin... I found your product at the Farmer's Market and skin problems, no more! I'm back in Hawai'i and am hooked! I love your product... Thank you!"
Brittany B., Hanalei, HI

"My family and I stayed at the Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge. The staff let us borrow their insect repellent during our stay and it worked great!"
Nichole Y., Denver, CO

"My sister is a traveling nurse and had an assignment in AK. She said Alpenglow makes the best products she has EVER tried!!! So I’m surprising her for her Bday and trying some for me too!!! Lip balmand lotion."
Heidi W., Tea, SD

"My daughter and I just love the face cream! I am undergoing chemotherapy now, and this is the best and most soothing cream that I have found to use on my face and neck area. It is also wonderful for radiation burns and sunburn. I am so glad that you make this product!"
Bea Y.S., Lenoir, NC

"I found Alpenglow in Seward this past summer. I was looking for a rich moisturizer made from natural ingredients to sooth my sad, burnt skin (I had just spent 9 days at Denali base camp). I love this stuff and I'm so glad you sell your products online!"
Carrie P., Somerville, MA

"Love the shampoo, hair rinse and the hair treatment. My curly, white hair never felt so soft. While on a vacation to your great state I bought the conditioning and styling hair treatment. I have coarse dry hair and because of the waves and curls, I let my hair air dry. I always looked for product that was natural, most commercial products dry my hair and make it feel crinkly. Your product makes my hair feel baby hair soft and the waves and curls air dry with no frizz. THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping it 'natural'."
Marge M., Glendale, WI

"I’ve used a local goat milk soap for years that I thought was ok but not great. And then I tried yours. It’s worth the shipping cost because your soap lasts so long, and they really are moisturizing. I wash my face with it and use it in the shower too. A few bars last me a very long time. And the scents are soooo good."
Janice T., Daytona, FL

"I've been using your Cottonwood ​Balm for years now and have been giving it out for Christmas gifts for several years. I used the Cottonwood ​Balm on my dog where she had some ​sores I think related to ​food ​allergies and in two days they were so much better that I ​could hardly believe it. ​​I also use the Cottonwood Balm​ inside my nose (maybe this is too much information but I so love the effects that I cannot help but tell you this) for sinus related dryness and bleeding. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for being so caring and I appreciate your picking GOOD, not synthetic, ingredients for your products."
Diana S., Bremerton, WA

"I haven't tried your face cream yet, but I wanted to let you know how fabulous I found your cottonwood balm to be!  I've been struggling with a recently developed gluten allergy that gives me some wicked skin rashes. This is the only thing that has been able to heal the dry patches literally overnight.  When I ran out I went to your site and saw that New Sagaya carries all your products. Thank you!"
Chelsea R., Anchorage, AK

"I was totally skeptical about Alaska’s Best Insect Repellant but I forgot my go-to Deet and found this at a store before my rafting & backpacking trip in the mosquito infested Brooks Range. Two days in, all members of our trip were using your repellant as it worked better than deet and Off. I could not be more impressed! You saved our butts!"
Jason K., Brookline, MA

"The lavender hand & body wash is so soothing to my dry skin. I wish the hospital I work at had it in all the soap dispensers so the staff didn’t suffer from such dry skin. Thank you for making such wonderful products."
Amy T., Cincinnati, OH

"Will continue to buy shampoo and hair rinse forever. Bought 2 years ago and now I buy in bulk. Love it for myself and my family. It's time we all got back to natural products. Thanks!"
Andrea L., Eagle River, AK

"I've used ONLY this amazing natural repellant for years! It really works. Thank you so much for making products I trust."
Gretchen S., Healy, AK

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful shampoo! I've done the no-poo route for nearly 2 years, but I started using your Midnight Sun Shampoo and I love it. The scent combination is lovely, both my husband and I LOVE your shampoo."
Kim F. Wasilla, AK

"I use Alpenglow EVERYDAY of my life. Every single product is truly a gift. Thank you."
Kim C. Anchorage, AK

"My 2 children love your bug repellent. They remind me to put it on because it works so well on them. There were days we would limit outdoor time before finding your amazing repellant as the skeeters were so bad the kids would need benadryl to fall asleep at night. Not anymore! Thank you."
Amy I., Nome, AK

"I have very sensitive skin. I have many concerns about what goes into products, especially ones I put on my body. I also LOVE to support local businesses. So you can imagine how happy I was when I came across your products. The ingredients are pure, necessary and really thought out. No nasties. Made in Alaska, awesome! I purchased the Rosewater Spring Facial Cleanser and the Lavender Solstice Face Cream. When I bought these products, middle of winter, it was because my skin was soooo dry, itchy and dull. These products seemed promising, no SLS, alcohol, etc... I was AMAZED at how effective the cleanser was. Gentle and effective. Smells great, not too strong. Of course I loved the face cream too. Also gentle, effective and smells great. Recently, I bought some facial lotion from a natural, organic name brand out of curiosity. Today I used it, and boy, my face did not like it! I broke out in an itchy, bumpy rash. Not only that but minutes later my skin was SO dry. I was extremely disappointed. I missed work because of this. I then put on the Lavender Solstice Face Cream from you guys, I mean, I SLATHERED it on. My face just about instantly felt calmed. Like seriously, no itch, no discomfort. I didn't use any Benadryl or allergy relief. I was amazed and so thankful. Ten minutes after my shower and putting the Lavender Face Cream on, the redness and bumps - completely gone. I've always liked your products but to have them bring such instant relief to an angry face, so thankful. My face is moisturized, not greasy and is so much happier. Can't wait to try more of your products... I am a believer!!! Love it. Need it. Thank you!"
Bailey W. Anchorage, AK

"Your liquid body wash is all I use in my dispensers in the kitchen and bathroom. It has saved my hands! Thank you."
Kathy T. Girdwood, AK

“With my curly frizzy hair I have resorted to using 3 or 4 products every morning to try to tame my hair into being presentable. I can hardly believe that all I need now is your one Alpenglow Styling and Conditioning product. It is wonderful! I feel like my hair texture and appearance has improved so much. And I know it's healthy and good for my hair, not damaging like the other gels and hair products I used to use. I LOVE THIS STUFF!”
Carol P. Santa Fe, NM

"We went to the farmer's market and I tried the face cream because I have pretty bad psoriasis on my legs. This cream has worked better than several prescription medications."
Troy B. Appleton, WI

"My son lives in Homer, Alaska. He recently gifted me with your Lavender Fields Hand and Body lotion, saying: “Mom, EVERYONE in Alaska uses this. You'll see why.” I love it! I am trying your other scents and plan to gift people in New Hampshire with your products on future occasions. Congratulations on such a wonderful product line!"
Marcia G. Madbury, NH

"You make a wonderful face cream. I live in the desert where it is either dry & cold or dry & very hot. With low humidity and only a few inches of rain a year, my skin gets like leather. Best moisturizer I've found."
Denise F. Rosamond, CA

"I wanted to let you know how fabulous I found your cottonwood balm to be! I've been struggling with a recently developed gluten allergy that gives me some wicked skin rashes. This is the only thing that has been able to heal the dry patches literally overnight."
Chelsea R. Anchorage, AK

"I ran out of the face cream in December and have finally gotten around to ordering it. There just is NO substitute for this cream and how good it is. I use the Unscented on my face and the Midnight Sun on my hands. Everyone at work likes to use the Midnight Sun, too, because it smells so good! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such great products."
Jennifer C. Boston, MA

"A friend brought me a sample of cottonwood balm after her trip to Alaska. My hands were healed in two days! I depend on cottonwood balm to heal my dry, cracked hands in winter."
Vicki A. Mills River, NC

"My best friend moved to Alaska a year ago. I just saw her & her hair looks amazing! She let me try your product and it is great!! I have some crazy hair & your product tamed it, and it lasted a couple days!! I only use natural stuff, but good quality is hard to find. I can't wait to try all your masterpieces! Thank You!"
Lisa L., Depoe Bay, OR

"Bought some lotion and face cream in gift shop in Denali, now I am a true believer and spreading the joy to my sisters."
Katherine A., Napa, CA

"I have been using the rose geranium face cream since moving to Barrow. My skin is very soft and supple and I think it helps protect against the harsh cold. Thanks for great products."
Heidi A., Barrow, AK

"I have to tell you, my daughter's boyfriend is crazy about the hand wash, so I'm getting him his own for Christmas! I look forward to placing this order because I feel I am doing something good for my family and not sacrificing quality to do it. We love your products! Love the new workshop tour on your website too."
Janet T., Mechanicsville, VA

"Last summers trip to Alaska was accompanied by the worst mosquito hatch in like, EVER (as reported in the newspaper) and I grew up in Michigan, which was never hurting for mosquitos. I spent the week fishing in multiple locations one of which was deep in the forest on the Kenai. I had the opportunity to use your insect repellentoil for a few days, basically to survive. Well, it worked beyond belief!!!! I had to apply it rather regularly, but I didn't mind because it felt and smelled nice. If I didn't have your repellant I would've either died of DEET intoxication or mosquito bites."
Paul D., Santa Ana, CA

"I am sure that you get a ton of fan mail, but I wanted to take the extra time out of my day to say thank-you nonetheless. I have tried everything under the sun for my overly sensitive/eczema prone skin (including prescribed/medicated and had zero luck. Randomly while shopping at a local Walgreens I happened to stumble across your products. Normally I wouldn't pay 14.00 for a face lotion, but my skin had been screaming for help for days so I picked up a container of your unscented face cream. I will NEVER go back to anything else. Literally all of the eczema that used to plague my face (especially in the winter months of Alaska) has cleared up. I cannot express the joy and relief this brings to my everyday life. I am currently on my 3rd container of miracle cream and will continue to use many more. Plus I have been telling everyone I love about this little jar of goodness. I hope it brings your excellent company some new fans. "
Joanna M., MatSu Valley, AK

"EVERYONE in the family fell in love with the Arctic Sun Hand & Body Wash!!  Leaves us feeling CLEAN...FRESH and EVER so SOFT!!! Ever since I got my gallon I’m sharing it WITH EVERYBODY I CAN !!! I always give “natural” bath products to all the secretaries & nurses at the doctor’s office and I would LOVE to share your product with all the girls at my local natural food store. Maybe they would even consider carrying your line.  WE NEED YOU on the EAST COAST !!! My family all loves your products."
Jackie Y., Catawissa, PA

"My sister told me about your products after returning from a fair a few years ago. I am a big fan. Since I discovered your lip balm and cottonwood balm I have not purchased another product for my lips and feet. Both products are the best and I never have dry feet or chapped lips. Thanks for the time you put into your quality products."
Moira H., Palmer, AK

"I have replaced about 10 expensive products from my face careroutine with your 2 products. I love your products! I love the simplicity of ingredients and how well they work! Thank you! It was exactly what I was looking for to eliminate some chemicals from my life/body."
Jennifer F., Clarksville, TN

"I am very much a fan of Alpenglow products. I used my first bottle each of the Midnight Sun Shampoo and Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinseover the past few months and love it. My hair has honestly never felt better."
Matthew K., Portland, OR

"I was baking a freshly picked apple crisp in a skillet and managed to forget the handle was hot a few minutes after I pulled it out of the oven. I gave myself a pretty sassy second-degree burn! After an hour or so of burning discomfort, I finally remembered my Cottonwood Balm, I slathered some on and I swear within five minutes the tingling, burning and discomfort was gone! I put some more on the next morning and throughout the day. After less than two days, this burn is all but gone! Thank you for making such amazing, quality, accessible, and reasonably priced items. This Cottonwood Balm is a MUST!"
Genevieve T.L, Marina, CA

"I love your products and your wonderful customer service. Running across your booth at an Anchorage market in June 2006 was definitely a highlight of the trip!! Been using and loving it since."
Bonnie P., Catonsville, MD

"I purchased a 5 gram container of your Cottonwood Balm while visiting Denali, Alaska. I needed something for all of the mosquito bites my 4-year old daughter had gotten during our trip...the mosquitoes love her! I am now re-ordering a larger size of it, as we are almost out. I have tried many bug bite creams for her, and this is the only one that consistently works, doesn't make her cry when I put it on, and in fact, it's the one she asks for! Going to try a shampoo bar this time, too, and I am adding lots of things from your website to my Christmas list this year! So glad I found your products while in Alaska!"
Jennifer H., Gallatin, TN

"I have worked in the corporate office of a luxury botanical based skincare line and was responsible for helping in product development, QC, and as well as sales management. I have tried almost every product, especially the luxury high-dollar competition but I must say, I am so impressed with your product! I am hooked! Honestly, nothing I have ever tried has quenched my lips like your lip balm and I can't get enough! Thank you for the fantastic products! You seem like the kind of company that really values quality for their customers and, to me, that is the best way to go. "
Sheena S., Chicago, IL

"A guide at the Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge shared some of the insect repellent with us while on a hike and it was FANTASTIC! Had to have some of my own. "
Deborah S., Seattle, WA

"We recently visited Alaska and noticed the invasion of mosquitoes. We tried the Cottonwood Balm and it stopped the itch immediately. Thank you!"
Charissa L., Roseville, CA

"The Cottonwood Balm was a Christmas gift from my son many years ago. I live on a ranch in Montana and work my fingers to the bone. This is the only thing that helps. I can't live without it."
Lori B., Pray, MT

"Love your hand lotion and lip balm. Lost my lip balm this weekend fishing and must have more! Especially since my lips are 100% sunburned. Amazing products."
Brenda S., Anchorage, AK

"My skin has NEVER been as clear and beautiful as it is now. I've been a faithful Alpenglow product user for years, and since switching solely to your lavender products on my face, I no longer see any blemishes and have received more compliments on my complexion than ever. If there are any Metrin users out there who like your other products but are wavering on trying your soaps and face creams, I highly encourage them to give up the fight and the chemicals and just make the switch! If they give your facial products an HONEST go, I can't imagine that they'll ever go back! A fraction of the cost, only 2 steps (not 5!), NO CHEMICALS, and BEAUTIFUL skin!!! We're getting ready for our first baby, so I'm stocking up now on the cottonwood balm to have in his diaper bag at all times! Thank you so much for the care you've obviously put into your products! I have NO worries about using ANY of your things on his delicate skin! Thank you, again!"
Erika J., Billings, MT

"I bought the insect repellent at Northface Lodge in Denali National Park in June. My friend used a DEET product and had about 100 bites on her. I used your product and zero bites. I also used it back in Connecticut and again, no bites on me or my 2 year old grandson. It's a really good, safe product."
Judith K., Fairfield, CT

"Discovered your insect repellent 3 years ago and have not used anything else since.  I was looking for a repellent without all the nasty chemicals, like DEET, and one that was not tested on animals.  Tall order!!  I have been more than pleased with your product.  Even though the mosquitoes have been a nightmare here in Alaska this year, I have received only a couple of bites. The bugs will not even land on me - they seem to hate the smell. I live part of the year in Mexico where mosquitoes carry dengue fever - I totally trust the product against these guys also.  Anyone looking for protection for their children that is gentle, safe and works, is going to love this stuff!"
Doris S., Sterling, AK

"I have friends and family visiting us in Alaska all summer. Someone left a bottle of your insect repellent and I noticed it was deet free. I stopped using deet products after it melted my sunglass arms. What does it do to our bodies? I have been looking for any repellent that is deet free AND works. I tried your repellent and it works great! "
Matt C., Soldotna, AK

"Hello from the Yukon River, just a little story… My office window has no screen, I poured a little of Alaska’s Best Insect Repellant onto the wooden window sill and the mosquitoes will not come close.  It is amazing!  Serious bug dope.  I love it and I love the smell. Works not only on skin, but this too. Simply amazing.  Thank you."
Judi M., Emmonak, AK

"With all of our diaper changes and rinsing of cloth diapers these days, we especially love your hand and body wash! Keeps our skin happy!"
Larissa Y., Santa Fe, NM

"I'm unpacking your products now, and just had to share with you how heavenly my whole house smells from them!  I can't stop smiling :)  I've loved the scent of each individual product I've gotten from you, but several cases of soap and other great-smelling products is a real aroma rush, Just had to share my delight with you!"
Deanna B., Bermuda Dunes, CA

"Alaska’s Best Insect Repellant WORKS! The bugs have been crazy this summer. Not one mosquito lands on me! Incredible."
Gay T., Wasilla, AK

"We have been using the Insect Repellent for the last couple of weeks and LOVE it. And it works! Thank you."
Penny F., Kotzebue, AK

"I love your shampoo bar – it’s only thing I have used on my hair for a year now - continue to love it."
Martha F., McAlester, OK

"You have such wonderful products, my husband and I love all of them.  If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be the liquid shampoo, and the hair rinse.  I can tell my hair is healthier and grows faster since using."
Deborah C., New Hope, AL

"I have to tell you that today after using my Forget-Me-Not face cream first thing this morning, then working all day in a greenhouse and barn, this gal came up to me this evening while I was working at a swimming pool and wanted to know what smelled so good. That is the second time this week........Nice thing about your products, they are never too overpowering, just gentle. "
Karen B., Lander, WY

"I had the pleasure of meeting Susan last summer at the Homer Farmer's Market. I love your products and consider myself an Alpenglowskincare junkie. Thank you."
Cindy A. San Luis Obispo, CA

"I have used your products for the last 3 years, ever since I visited Alaska. It's the only facial cream I can use. Can't find anything like it. Keep up the great products!"
Cheryl D., Epping, NH

"We have been using Alpenglow for 10 years now. My husband has never ever raved about a soap product before but truly loves your products and always reminds me to order more. Thanks for keep things natural."
Irene B., Beachwood NJ

"I purchased your lavender fields facial cleanser and the forget me not face cream. I'm 35 and have suffered from acne for what seems like forever. Since I've used your products, my skin has been AMAZING! I've tried everything from prescriptions to the latest crap they sell on TV, and nothing has ever worked like this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
Brooke W., Anchorage, AK

"Thank you Susan for coming and sharing your knowledge with our Homer High Schools. You work wonderfully with the students. Many of them came into class today sharing stories about how they used your balm last night. It healed two burns, fixed dried elbows, soothed a parent’s ache and stung a cut! They did have a good time. Some have asked if we could do it again."
Francie R., Teacher Homer High School, AK

"I am IN LOVE with your products. I am using them all of the time (at home and work) and recommending them to everyone. I had someone the other day with a wicked, huge surgical scar and told them to try the cottonwood balm. I can't wait to see the changes at this next appointment. I personally can't believe the face cream! My skin is so much different! I like that my big neck line is gone! The gals at work are getting a bit tired of me droning on Alpenglow. Thank you so much."
Sallie R., Homer Physical Therapy, AK

"Love, love, love, the rosewater facial cleanser. I use it as a toner and don't rinse it off. I walk around forgetting to use moisturizer because my skin feels so good. I imagine this is what my skin must have felt like as a child - soft and supple."
Lorinda K., Farmington Hills, MI

"I bought your shampoo and shave bar for my husband. He has not used anything else since.  It cleared up a very dry scalp problem he had.  He had tried many other products including doctor prescribed medicated shampoos and nothing worked.  I tried it and it relieved my dry itching scalp.  I am going to continue buying all of your hair products. Thank you."
Ronna M., Soldotna, AK

"My daughter in Fairbanks gave us your face cream. We are amazed at how soft and smooth our skin feels!! We have since fallen in love with the lotion since I work in the medical profession and have to constantly wash my hands. "
Pamela H., Chillicothe, IL

"My son in Cordova sent a gift bag of your lavender products.I am amazed at how my skin feels after using the face cream. It is so soft but not greasy like other expensive brands I've used. The smell is heavenly!! I am placing an order of other items in your line and am looking forward to tossing out my other products! Thank You"
Cathy K., Buffalo Grove, Il

"The husband of my hair dresser has begun using your hair products, too, as he was having NO success with the Dr.’s prescriptions. As a result, she is giving out your website to others with dry itching scalp that nothing fixes.  We do so appreciate your products, and that’s an understatement!"
Kathy D., Middlefield, OH

"On a nature hike in Alaska they gave us a 5gr sample of your cottonwood balm. What a product! It is fabulous. I burnt my hand when removing something from the oven and it was quite a burn. I used your balm and my skin healed so lovely. There is NO scarring."
Laura F., Ontario, Canada

"We just returned from an Alaskan vacation where I purchased the lavender lotion. My skin is healed after a trying an entire pharmacy of products including steroid cream. Thank you thank you thank you! I can't say it enough!"
Julie R., Delphos, OH

“Your lip balms have been indispensable in the southeast U.S sun of Virginia and every other product we purchased has been a pleasure. Thanks!"
Doug M., Norfolk, VA

“I love your products. I have chronically dry skin and hair to the point where my hands and legs are itchy and irritated. I began using your Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion last year and went through the whole winter without any problems. My skin is still soft hours later. I also love your shampoo. My hair is so soft and it doesn’t tangle. I plan to keep replacing other products with your natural, local ones. Thank you."
Polly H., Homer, AK

“I always look forward to receiving my Alpenglow. Your products always make me happy. It smells good, feels nice and my skin is so much better because of Alpenglow. I use your products every single day. Thank you so much!"
Kim C., Anchorage, AK

“I first bought your face cream at a Christmas show in Anchorage and I fell in love with it. You make a fabulous product with top quality essential oils. I really notice the difference."
Diana B., Anchorage, AK

“A friend introduced me to your Cottonwood balm back in 2004 and I loved it and have been using it since. I just tried your shampoo and hair rinse and OMG, I LOVE IT!”
Alisa D., Powell, OH

“We bought some of your products last year at the Kenai River Festival in Soldotna, AK.  I've been out of your face cream for about 6 months and really miss it.  Looking forward to getting my order! Thanks!”
Margie L., Colton, OR

“We were really skeptical about a natural insect repellant working effectively. I can’t say enough good things about your bug repellant after a week of backpacking in Denali in June. No need to ever buy deet again. Thank you for a healthy product that really works.”
Leslie K., Brooklyn, NY

“A friend gave me one of your gift bags a couple of years ago and now has me hooked! Recently I’ve tried your cottonwood balm and arctic sun body wash and I am convinced that there is no better skincare product out there!  Keep up what you are doing, your products are divine!”
Kali S., Mankato, MN

“I picked up your Cottonwood Balm in Denali and started using it on a couple of large, old scars that have been on my legs for about 6 months - I've been using the balm for less than two weeks and the scars have already faded drastically. Now I'm using it on sore muscles, scraped skin, dry skin, bug bites and just about everything else. It is so soothing, and I love the smell. I plan to use it all winter, how amazing it will be, in the dead of the cold winter nights, to smell like a fragrant summertime breeze.”
Laurel A., Fairbanks, AK

“Thank you for your wonderful products. I really love showering with the body wash and the sisal washcloth. It’s perfect for lather and deep cleansing.”
Elena A., Phoenix, AZ

“I received my order last week and as usual, I am very pleased with your products. I really love the Forget-me-not face cream. In my 20s, I never had a problem with acne.  That all changed in my 30s when I developed adult acne that was unresponsive to the countless products that I tried.  Your facial cleanser has been a real blessing for me, especially after almost 12 years of struggling with this problem.  I always make sure I have plenty on hand, as I don't want to use any other product on my face.  I also had some problems with hair loss and I started using your shampoo about two months ago (started with the shampoo bar).  My hairdresser said that she noticed new hair growth within a month. I do color my hair, but your shampoo is very gentle on my color and amazingly I do have to wash my hair less often even during our very hot weather the past few weeks. Thanks so much for creating such wonderful products. I wish I would live closer to you as I would love to help you make your products! I love the insect repellant not only for its effectiveness, but also for the fragrance.”
Cathy B., Mount Wolf, PA

“I was in Homer and went to the Farmers Market and purchased the face cream, cottonwood balm and body lotion and I absolutely love them all!!”
Susan F., Mountain Homer, AR

“I met you at the Forest Faire! I love my lavender face cream, but my friend had the midnight sun and it smelled so good that I have to try it too.”
Brooke A., Kotzebue, AK

“I ordered a soap dish about two years ago to go along with my favorite goat milk soap ever – your Wild Iris, and the dish still looks new and works very well. I normally wouldn’t write about a soap dish for heaven’s sake but I really like yours.”
Talia M., Pittsburg, PA

“A friend purchased your insect repellent in Blue Ridge, GA and we tried it one evening in her yard...no mosquitos came near us!! Thanks for a wonderful product!”
Jane M., Tucker, GA

Alpenglow massage oil successfully does two things at once I never thought possible – it soaks into skin so healthfully/not greasy at all. At the same time, it is silky smooth and allows me to work with it for a long time while giving my boyfriend massages. The relaxing scent is very sensual. We love it.”
Amy B., Dallas, TX

“I love your products! I found you on the Cosmetic Safety Data Base when I was trying to find safe products for my family's skin. I saw that your products are very, very mild compared to the natural product I was using. We have been using them for several years now and are very satisfied with the fine quality of your products. I love that you make them yourself!” 
Janet T., Mechanicsville, VA


“I’ve used goat milk soap before that didn’t lather and other handmade soap that turned to mush. There is no soap like Alpenglow. The bars last forever, they are softening to skin, it’s like a bit of paradise in the bathroom! Polar Mint is unbelievable. I love that you use your own mint from your garden.”
Susie P., Taos, NM

“I have to share with you that my husband has been using the cottonwood balm and really likes it.  He's given me good-natured grief over these products since my first order, years ago, but after using both the oil for his sore back and the balm on his miscellaneous itches, he's totally sold.  Thanks for making such great products that I know are also great for our skin.”
Erika T., Billings, MT

“My daughter-in-law has given me your products as gifts and I love them and I love your ethics.” 
Leslie L., Bainbridge Island, WA

"I ran out of my beloved Alpenglow Skin Care products a few weeks ago.....I replaced it in the interim with supermarket brand shower gel and lotion and did not like it one bit! My skin was dry, scaly and plain unhappy! Just today, we were able to get our Alpenglow products from Susan - thank you!!!!!  I can't tell you how sensual of an experience it was to shower with Alpenglow Body Wash and to then apply Alpenglow Body Lotion! The aromatherapy in the shower was divine and the feeling of clean without chemicals was extraordinary! It’s the most sumptuous experience to lather myself with Arctic Sun Body Wash……it was a luxurious SPA treatment in my own bathroom. My dry skin literally soaks the lotion up and the refreshing scents lifted my spirits after a long day at work. Alpenglow skin care products are not just good for you, good for your skin and good for the environment - Alpenglow Skin Care enhances your life! Thank you Susan!"
Stefanie F., Girdwood, AK

“I bought some of your lip balm while vacationing in Homer.  I'm hooked!  It is the best lip balm I have ever tried.”
Candace W., New Albany, OH

“I absolutely love your products! Besides how it makes my skin feel, the healing effects are amazing. I burned myself the other day and put the cottonwood balm on my burn and within a minute, the pain was gone! Also this last weekend I sprained my ankle. It got to be the size of a small baseball with swelling in my whole foot. The pain was tremendous! I remembered the cottonwood balm and applied it immediately. As soon as I put it on, it calmed the pain down instantly and the swelling immediately began to go down. I was able to walk on it the next day. I am grateful for these amazing products!  Thank You.”
Tamara M., Kenai, AK

“I purchased your Lavender Solstice Shampoo Bar as I found your site while searching for all-natural hair care options, and was intrigued that one of your ingredients was Alaskan rain and snow.  I've tried several different shampoo bars over the last few months but yours outdoes them all.  It makes my hair feel clean and gives it tons of bounce, body and shine.  My hair has never looked so full!  I can go up to 4 days between washes now which used to be impossible for my baby-fine hair. Plus it smells so nice!  I had tried many commercial shampoos and/or conditioners over the years that promised added volume or healthier hair and nothing worked.  I had even purchased salon quality products and spent a lot of money on expensive cleansing conditioners that only really worked for a while and then had the same disappointing results as everything else I'd tried (oily, stringy roots and fried ends).  I figured out my hair just doesn't respond well to harsh sulfates and silicones.  People I know have told me that I've 'transformed' my hair and that whatever I'm using now 'actually works'.  I get compliments on how thick and healthy my hair looks now compared to before where it always looked dirty and unhealthy no matter how often I washed it.  I can't say enough good things about this product and I look forward to trying the other bars and the Herbal Hair Rinse next!  Thanks so much!”
Kylee F., Thurmont, MD

"I use the bath oil in my hot tub and my husband I love the scent and way it leaves our skin so silky. I turns our evening into a pampering ritual we treasure. We love it!"
Penelope A., Fairbanks, AK

“You have no idea how many facial cleansers I have tried over the years that claim to be good for sensitive skin that cause my skin burn and turn red immediately. I’ve thrown out hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. The Alpenglow lavender cleanser is incredible. It is soothing and deep cleansing and very affordable. Please don’t stop making it EVER!”
Mary W., Washington DC

“My bunny got into a prickly thistle weed and has sores on his feet and nose. Your cottonwood balm is the only thing that he tolerates me rubbing into his skin and it’s working great. At first I spent a fortune trying different veterinary creams and I think they sting him because he goes crazy trying to lick them off. Also, thank you for your wonderful insect repellent. I cannot believe how well it works. My husband and I went hiking after a rain and literally walked through swarms of mosquitoes and not one landed on us. I am so impressed I've been telling everyone about it.”
Lorinda K., Detroit, MI

“I used the shampoo bar last night.  Rubbed it around my head a couple of times and then rinsed.  Oh my!  I have never used anything that cleaned like that!  Truly amazing. One wash and talk about squeaky clean, really! I love it. Thank you so much for your inspiration and for bringing these effective, gentle and love infused products into being.”
Linda D., Everett, WA

“I found your products a few years ago in Homer, and I’ve used the facial cleanser since. I love what it has done for my skin.  My husband is completely hooked on the shampoo bar. Thank you for your fantastic products.”
Delphine S., Wasilla, AK

"My baby Luke has dry skin and a scaly scalp. I started bathing him with your bath oil and I've seen a dramatic reduction in the redness and scratching he normally suffers from. He's happier, so am I."
Mary P., Eugene, OR

“A friend introduced me to your Cottonwood balm back in 2004 and I loved it and have been using it since. I just tried your shampoo and hair rinse and OMG, I LOVE IT!”
Alisa D., Powell, OH

“Before finding Alpenglow my facial skin looked more like an elephant than a human. I abused it years ago with too much sun exposure. The rosewater spring facial cleanser has not only been very pleasant to use, with its gentle natural fragrance, I have been told by numerous friends that my skin is less wrinkly. One friend wanted to know who my plastic surgeon was! Can you believe? Thank you so much. I feel like a hydrated human again.”
Sally P., Las Vegas, NV

“I bought a shave brush from you at the Farmers Market in Homer because it reminded me of my grandfather. I had no idea what a pleasure shaving could be with the nice thick brush head and the fabulous scent of cedar from the shave bar. Instead of despising this morning routine, I now enjoy shaving.”
Peter K., Berkeley, CA

“We met you last month at the farmers market in Homer; I bought two products and now want to use nothing else!” 
Kathleen K., Denver, CO

“The mosquito repellant works great. I especially love your skin care.”
Bertha C., Fort Yukon, AK

“I visit a long hair website and there is a section devoted to shampoo bars. Most of the women there have used bars from one particular place,(as I have) and they complain of getting the waxies from the bars. One of the women stated that she has ordered from you and loves the bars. She stated that her hair is awesome with them. I love the feel of my hair with Alpenglow.”
Rita S., Winder, GA

“I LOVE your products.  The balm has cured my rough, cracked feet.  I live in Arizona, where it is very, very dry so your products are a lifesaver for me. I cannot live without my Cottonwood Balm. I put it on every night and every morning.  I am now going to order some of the bath and body wash. Your products are terrific!!”
Patricia A., Tucson, AZ

“You should definitely suggest to customers to use the insect repellanton their dogs. One bottle lasted us all summer for our family of 4 – that is two people, two border collies! Thanks for keeping us bite-free.”
Fritz P., Sausalito, CA

“I recently purchased the shampoo bar at Two Sisters Bakery in Homer – what a wonderful product. The scents are divine and they are easy and fabulous to use. Thank you.”
Martha F., McAlester, OK

“Alpenglow has improved our family relations, no joke. Our 2 year old twins used to HATE bath time. My husband I would loathe the process because Eric fussed through the entire bath. A friend who works as an occupational therapist with children recommended trying your bath oil. I don’t know if it’s the lavender scent that calms him down or the silky feel once he’s in the tub, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes… Tommy actually seemed to enjoy his bath the last two times, since we’ve used your bath oil. Thank you so much for changing our lives!”
Amber Z., Ottawa, Canada

“I am so happy to have found an effective and gentle bug dope that I can use on my young children. Whenever it’s buggy outside they come running back inside asking for more of that “stuff from Alaska”. It lasts for hours. I will never look elsewhere!”
Paula D., Portland, OR

“Susan, I LOVE your products!  This is my 3rd or 4th order from you now and I'm so excited to try new products with each order!  Your soaps and cottonwood balm are absolutely wonderful!  I have never had anything work to stop itchy bug bites or cuts as well as this stuff!  It's truly a wonderful product!  We've recently moved from California to Montana and the mosquitos here are just terrible – your insect repellant really works, wow. Thank you so much for making such wonderfully-working good-for-my-skin products!!”
Erika T., Billings, MT

“We use all varieties of the Alpenglow massage oils on my clients because it’s the best oil combination for skin. Your prices are very reasonable for what you’re getting and they last a long time - all of concern in my massage therapy business. I don’t go anywhere without these oils. Thank you for your quality products.”
Jason F., Orion, IL

“Thank you for making such amazing products!  I love that I can buy a locally made product that is all natural, reasonably priced, and works better than all the crap on the market.  I look forward to washing my hair in the morning and love how it looks so great with less work on my part because of your great products.”
Melissa D., Eagle River, AK

“I love your massage oil! My friend brought back a bottle from her trip to Alaska and I can’t get enough of it. The scent is neither overpowering, nor too faint. The feel is remarkably softening to my dry skin. Thank you for your handmade oils, full of Alaskan love!”
Hadley P., Victoria, BC

“At our wedding we were gifted an Alpenglow gift bag. I’ve never heard of your company before but we are so excited to discover the high quality of your products and their natural ingredients. I will definitely be ordering more.”
Oscar and Olivia L., Morgantown, WV

“Want you to know that this is the best body lotion I have had.  It really keeps your skin smooth and works wonders on dry skin. Thank you.”
Ujjala S., Port Ewen, NY

“The scent of your products are always been with me. I can walk through my bathroom and remember meeting you, long before your two children were born. I have tried other soaps, when I have run out, but I just do not find anything as wonderful as yours. You not only have shared your great products but your family as well.”
Charlene E., Pollack Pines, CA

“I found Alpenglow from a family member who lives in Alaska who said these products are great. This is my second order and I have recommended them to others especially when they smell my hair. I love both the shampoo and the herbal rinse. And I get a large bottle of the lotion even though it lasts so long. Thanks so much.”
Mary C., New Britain, CT

“My mom gifted me with the facial moisturizer a few years ago. Loved it! I recently visited her and used her hand and body lotion, now I want to order it for myself, along with other products. They are all amazing.”
Kathy T., White Bear Lake, MN

“I love your hair washing soap. I have curly, baby-fine hair that I have never been able to keep healthy looking. Expensive shampoos work for a few hours, but then my hair slowly dulls and converts into a frizzy rats nest. Your shampoo bar somehow cures that... my hair is looking healthier after each washing, and it stays shiny and well-behaved all the way through to my next shower. Amazing!”
Maureen H., Fairbanks, AK

“I'm a convert to your hair rinse. I ordered a bottle of it many months ago, and when I ran out I thought that maybe I could find something similar local, but no such luck. There doesn't seem to be anything similar to it out there!”
Elise P., Burbank, CA

“I found you from an online search and tried your product last year.  Love it!  It's perfection. All of it works better than anything out there.  My skin cracks from regular soap, but not yours. Thank you for making a truly natural and helpful product.”
Jennifer G., APO, AE

“A friend sent me your cottonwood balm for my baby’s diaper rash, which has been a battle since birth. After only a couple of days it has cleared up, and has not returned due to routine applications of the balm. I’ve found nothing like it in the UK. It’s worth its weight in gold!”
Marg T., London

“Just returned home from our vacation in Alaska, and my husband used the shampoo and shave bar this morning. He loved it. We will be ordering more from you in the future! Thanks for making such nice products.”
Penni H., Newcastle, CA

“A while back I shared your face cream with one of my friends from Sacramento. She was so wowed by the products, I think she became a full on convert to Alpenglow. Thanks so much for creating such awesome pure products I love to share with dear friends.” 
Kathy H., Arroyo Grande, CA

“Love, love, love your soaps - last forever and never cease to remind me of wonderful times spent several years ago in Alaska. Takes me back to that unexplainable feeling you are so fortunate to enjoy every day. I'll just continue to dream of returning!”
Joyce W., Upland, IN

“I think of you every time I shower! How many people get to say that to someone? I love your products so much. They are all I use and every time I get a shower I am grateful for you. Hilarious, but true. You provide me with a little home spa and to this mother of three, that means A LOT!!” 
Anonymous, Homer, AK

“I have recently vowed to revamp my skincare routine by only using natural products, and was amazed at how difficult this turned out to be! I've been reading the book "Look Great, Live Green", which lists all the taboo ingredients to stay away from in beauty products. I scoured the shelves at Natural Pantry for over an hour, and your products were the only ones that checked out on the "Best Ingredients" list!  I'm so glad I stumbled upon your skincare because my dry Alaskan skin has never felt better!  After seeing such great changes in my skin, I decided to try your natural shampoo and hair rinse.  I just stepped out of the shower from using them for the first time-- I am truly converted.  After one use my hair and scalp feel amazing!  I can't wait for it to dry because many of the employees at Natural Pantry raved about the shine you get with your products!”
Sarah E., Anchorage, AK

“The rose oil in the bath has a miraculously realistic scent. I am transported to a floral garden in my mind while bathing. It has also been wondrous for my dry skin.”
Holly B., Delta Junction, AK

“When I was living in Alaska I bought your soap from New Sagaya. Then we moved to Seattle and now Minneapolis and Alpenglow has followed me all of the way.  Even my husband is hooked which is why I am ordering today- I got a holler from the shower this morning ‘honey, you'd better order more Alpenglow soap, we're running low!’ My husband has Alopecia Areata and yours is the only soap that does not irritate his skin. Not to mention that everyone we meet says that we smell so good! Thanks Susan for your excellent product and service. I hope you keep it up!”
Bernadette G., Minneapolis, MN

“I used some of my daughter’s cottonwood balm and I LOVE it! Wow!”
Patricia L., Bradenton, FL

“Every time I order the hand and body wash I debate which scent to get. I finally decided that I can get both the lavender and arctic sun and have a different scent in each bathroom. Your recipe has nailed the perfect combination of cleansing, fabulous lather and the way it makes your skin feel – it’s like there is lotion built in. I love it and how it’s homemade and Alaskan.”
Gloria G., Colorado Springs, CO

“Since moving from Anchorage to Colorado, having a really good lotion has become even more important, and nothing else comes close to yours. Thank you."
Dana O., Golden, CO

“My grandson suffers from severe eczema and his skin is so much softer and has calmed down from Alpenglow. We use a bit of the lotion and the cottonwood balm each morning and evening with amazing results. The red patches now are smooth and soft. Even his skeptical father has admitted that it is doing a lot better. I love putting it on him as it glides over your skin and leaves such a protective barrier.”
Teri F., Keaau, HI

“The lip balm is the smoothest, silkiest, longest lasting lip balm I have ever used. I truly love all of the flavors and give them away as gifts as well, but your SubLime is my favorite.”
Anna T., Daytona, FL

“My daughter, who lives in Alaska, brought your hair care productsalong on her last visit home. I LOVE them! Had to buy my own - plus gifts for Christmas!”
Teri N., Mount Joy, PA

“I love your face creams! I live in Colorado and it is very dry here...I use the face cream around my eyes and it helps so much with those tiny lines I develop in this dry climate. I am also very sensitive to many eye cream products, but have never had any problems with irritation when I use Alpenglow creams - thanks for making such great, natural products!”
Nicole W., Lakewood, CO

“Your chapstick is amazing. The search is over for the perfect stuff for my lips. THANK YOU!”
Tim O., Duluth, MN

“I came across your website while searching for natural products. I tried the Mountain Meadow Shampoo and the Hair Rinse the first time I ordered. After a while, I was getting compliments on how shiny my hair was! I have bought shampoos that are much more expensive, but not nearly as effective as your products.”
Kimberly S., Lebanon, VA

“We took a cruise to Alaska and I purchased some of your lavender face cream.  It is wonderful.  I am ordering also for my mother who is allergic to glycerin - this is the only cream I have ever found that does not contain glycerin.  Thank you soooo much!"
Susan D., Lino Lakes, MN

“I haven't found anything that works better on my hair since getting your shampoo and hair rinse last summer. So I'm back for more. It’s wonderful.”
Laura S., Houston, TX

“Thank you for your holiday sale. Since I ordered 36 lip balms to gift my employees, it was nice to get such a great discount. All of a sudden, I became the best boss ever. Thanks for the help.”
Dale M., Madisonville, LA

“I look forward to receiving the gallon of shampoo and rinse.  I have naturally wavy hair that I color.  Your products have made it very soft, healthy and manageable.  They are very kind to my color also. Thank you so much, Susan!”
Sharon R., Aurora, IL

“Spent 3 weeks in Homer last summer with my dear friends and I bought some of this cream at the Farmer's Market.  I live in Scottsdale, AZ and my skin is SO dry-- this cream is FANTASTIC!  Much better than the Origins (Department store brand) that I had been using-- and I love the smell of Midnight Sun!  Thanks!”
Susan T., Scottsdale, AZ

“Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for your amazing products. A year ago I purchased your shampoo and hair rinse and have since bought the face creams, facial cleansers and the cottonwood balm. I’ve loved every single product and will definitely be purchasing some more very soon. I’m definitely going to be a life-long customer! Thanks again!”
Nicole M., Melbourne, Australia

"I had my hands in and out of bleach water all night at work as well as combating the dry, cold air outside. My hands hurt from extreme dry and cracking!! As soon as I got home, I grabbed the closest lotion I could find, my husband's Vaseline brand, my hands starting stinging soooo bad. I ran to get my Alpenglow lotion, immediately applied it, not only did it stop the horrible stinging, it soothed the dry red, cracked hands!!! I couldn't believe that it actually stopped the stinging. I know it works for dry but wow. I was sooo happy. Thanks for all your hard work in providing a quality natural product. You are appreciated!"
Kathy V., Homer, AK

“I bought some cottonwood balm in Denali. It has dramatically improved my husband's psoriasis. Thank you.”
Suzanne R., Lunenburg, MA

“I have been using your face cream for a year now. I am 53 years old and get compliments on my skin frequently. That never happened until I started using your product. It is a great value and I don't plan to use anything else!”
Neta K., Adel, IA

“I have to say THANK YOU!!! I have had serious scalp issues for several years now. I have been to just about every dermatologist to no avail. Last summer I went in so desperate and he told me it was psoriasis because I also had severe dry, cracked skin around my ears. Last winter my scalp got so bad, it was red and oozing and so itchy and scaly that I could hardly stand it! My school nurse said that I was probably allergic to sodium laurel sulfate. I went on a mission and did end up finding a “natural” shampoo that got me thru the school year. However, I got hives all over my chest and a rash on my neck and back. I again made an appointment with the dermatologist. He suggested I use a free and clear shampoo. It didn’t make me itch, but left my hair feeling like straw. I was forced to use a leave in conditioner that of course I was allergic to! I woke up in the middle of the night itching like crazy!! Desperate, I got online the next morning to search for alternatives and found you! I ran to Natural Pantry and bought the Midnight Sun Shampoo and Herbal Hair Rinse. It felt so good!! No more ear infections and I am confident that I will continue to get better! I am a true believer!!”
16 months later… “Thank you so much, your shampoo continues to work wonders for me. I love that I can buy a gallon and have a happy healthy scalp for a year - thanks to Alpenglow.”
Camille R., Anchorage, AK

“Your products are a blessing to my skin and finances! I don't think I can live w/o your face cream!  Since I've been using the lavender face cream, my skin has never been so clear and beautiful.  And the 1 oz jar lasts an impressively long time.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product for which I can feel good about putting on my face and shelling out the dough!”
Erika T., Billings, MT

“I bought the Mountain Meadow Shampoo and Herbal Hair Rinse, and I love, love, love what they've done for my hair! I'm very particular about my hair products (and I've been through MANY). My hair is thick, with a fine texture, and it has dry ends, and an oily scalp. Now, it is just lovely after just a couple weeks! I also get an itchy scalp, because I have sensitive skin, and this made that go away. And, no product build-up, which is always an issue with me. My hair is just shiny, conditioned, manageable, and beautiful (it just looks "happy"). And I smell great too! I don't think I'll have to waste any more money on styling products to achieve a better texture anymore, nor will I likely need to have as many regular trims. Yay! I have tried a lot of natural products too, like Burts Bees, Jason, and sulfate-free versions of products, but your stuff is the best I have put on my hair. Thanks!”
Casey D., Homer, AK

“Hi, I discovered your products at Soldotna Professional Pharmacy and I purchased the face cream, body lotion, the wash cloth and lip balm. Wow!!!  They are all such wonderful products. I wanted to thank you for them. Each and every one is so great in its own way.  I am anxious to try out the rest of the line. My skin feels so indescribably soft, silky and hydrated. THANK YOU!”
Michelle W., Soldotna, AK

“I’ve tried to find a bath oil for years that wasn’t too oily but still good for dry skin. This stuff is amazing. My skin stays hydrated for a very long time without additional lotion after. I love the lavenderbefore bed, it’s so relaxing.”
Caroline P., Hyde Park, NY

“We met you guys at the Farmer's Market in Homer last summer. We are STILL working on the 12 oz. bottle of Midnight Sun shampoo I bought. Thank you so much for the love which is transferred through these wonderful natural products! We are so grateful!”
Sage G., Santa Barbara, CA

“I just have to tell you, you are the MOST awesome company I have ever had the pleasure to know. Thank you so much for your most wonderful products and your best-ever customer service.” 
Bobbie S., Plainsboro, NJ

“I received the Cottonwood Balm as a gift after a hike/excursion from a Princess Cruise.  Almost out!  Had to have more. It’s amazing.”
Sally H., Sacramento, CA

“I've been using the shampoo and rinse exclusively since my order arrived at the end of April and I am truly impressed.  I have very fine hair that gets dirty easily and flops!  Not any more, thanks to Alpenglow. It shines and moves and stays clean for days. I'm not sure what it is about natural fragrances but they seem to fulfill a need for my body. There is this nudge to keep inhaling and as I do there is a feeling of calm and relaxation.  Lovin' it. I’m so grateful for what you are doing.”
Linda D., Everett, WA

“I love your products. My kids are constantly taking them from me. They are gentle and smell out of this world. I just wanted you to know how much I love them!!!”
Tiffany A., Ballwin, MO

“I found Alpenglow in a store in Anchorage and love it so much I am ordering more while at home in California. It’s just incredible.” 
Jamie B., Burbank, CA

“Found you on EWG's cosmetic database.  LOVE your liquid shampoo and rinse.  Can't wait to try your shampoo/shave bars!”
William M., Langhorne, PA

"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful you products are. After only a few days application of your shea butter lotion my skin is already feeling and looking silky again. Our winter is extremely dry and dusty and none of the local product seem to work for me. Rob is also using the body lotion on his hands which are very rough from gardening and they look much better already. Thank you so much."
Vonnie M., South Africa

"I can't imagine being with you my Alpenglow Lavender Shea Butter Lotion. I use it all over my body after every shower. I only need to apply it once a day on my hands and I'm a pediatric nurse so I wash my hands dozens of times with harsh detergents daily. It absorbs entirely and does exactly what I need it to - moisturize. It's an amazing product. And the lavender is heavenly, soft and natural."
Pat F., Davis, CA

"I'm not much for writing about skincare products but I tried your shampoo bar and liquid shampoo and herbal hair rinse and they all work great. Most other shampoo bars dry my thinning hair out over time, and other "natural" shampoos I get at Whole Foods aren't really natural at all. Your products are thoughtfully formulated and very effective. I think I am seeing more hair growth! Thank you."
Michael M., Cranston, RI

"I purchased Alaska's Best Insect Repellent from Susan while at a farmers market visiting Homer. She was so down to earth and kind. I was very pleased with the repellent so was thrilled when we were able to try some of the other products. We are very pleased with everything we have purchased. Thank you."
Karen B., Lander, WY

"I love my Alpenglow products! I keep picking up more things from your line, I just love them. With your shea butter and goat milk soapit is so hard to get out of the shower, and I can't wait for the next. My skin feels great. I have cracked fingernails from gardening. Two days later they are practically healed with your balsam poplar balm. Fantastic stuff!"
Simone O., Nikiski, AK

"I wanted to let you know your shampoo bar is awesome! It made my hair soft, shiny and it is healing the dry skin on my scalp. It is very gentle on my hair and scalp. I do not even need conditioner. I will definitely be a returning customer for years!"
Flossie S., Wasilla, AK

"I love your facial cleanser! As a Christmas present my sister sent me one of your gift bags. As soon as I opened it I used everything! I just ordered some more products and I can't wait until they get here. Your products are wonderful, even for my very sensitive skin. I'm an addict now! Thanks so much."
Jennifer D., Delran, NJ

"I can't believe the difference in my skin with your products. Winters in Alaska are very difficult, especially on my very dry skin. My legs are usually flaking off this time of year and my heels are usually cracked and bleeding. With your balsam poplar balm my heels are soft and there is no more bleeding or pain. With your cream my legs are soft, my face doesn't feel dry and it's the first winter without hangnails. I tell everyone about your products because I am so impressed with how effective they are and believe me, I have tried just about everything out there. Thanks so much".
Pam G., Anchorage, AK

"I have had chronic foot pain from an injury I sustained years ago. I've been using the massage oil with cottonwood buds in it and I have to tell you what a big difference it has made. Shortly after I rub it in I can feel it start to work, and the pain melts away. I feel certain it has helped my foot to heal, not just help with temporary symptom alleviation. You need to get this stuff in pharmacies across the nation. Thank you for making a miracle product that smells so good too. And I love knowing you harvest the tree buds yourself, that is awesome!"
Ken M., Girdwood, AK

"You should call your hand and body wash a face soap too. I'm very picky with what I put on my face because I break out so easily. I find your liquid soap to be mild enough for daily use and I love the morning ritual because it smells so good. And I only need half a pumps worth to do the job. I have been using your products for years and have nothing but good things to say about them. Keep up the good work! I love the new packaging by the way."
Glenda D., Kona, HI

"I love your goat milk soap. I've been buying handmade soap for years and I've never found a soap that smells so good, lasts so long and leaves my skin so soft. I use it on my face and so does my teenage son. It has helped clear up his acne without any other chemicals or creams. You have a life long customer here! Thanks,"
Harmony B., Spokane, WA

"Your new Hand & Body Lotion is wonderful. It keeps me soft and hydrated all day long. I don't need to use it often like other lotions. I love both the forget me not and the northern lights. Thank you for making all natural products that work so well. I don't know what I'd do without Alpenglow. Thank you!"
Tina P., Los Angeles, CA

"Both of the creams I ordered are heavenly. The Midnight Sun and Lavender Solstice are soothing and peaceful scents. I can't adequately express how wonderful these creams are to use and the pure and natural aromas are simply beautiful. I will be ordering more of your wonderful products soon. Thanks for making such great products!"
Melissa B., Lawrenceville, GA

"My hair has never felt or looked as good as it does now using the liquid shampoo and rinse. I'll still use the shampoo bars as they travel well but am in love with the liquid shampoo. You are really doing a wonderful thing for our community and our health. Thanks "
Janis K., Anchorage, AK

"I got my brother and Alaskan Cedar Shampoo Bar to shave with. He was really skeptical, but eventually tried it when he ran out of his regular shave cream and got totally HOOKED. Thank you."
Sarah R., Brunswick, GA

"Want to let you know that the new liquid hand and body wash that I got is WONDERFUL. Just never will use anything else now."
Lauri P., Kasilof, AK

"Been using your Rosewater facial cleanser since my last order, along with a prescription lotion, and my Rosacea is much better controlled. I missed using your shea butter soaps and made the mistake of purchasing some lavender soap from a local person. It was a disaster--I broke out in red bumps all over. I never had that problem with your soap! Thank you!"
Stacy S., Maugansville, MD

"I was thrilled to see that you have the hand lotion in the 32 oz pump. We have been hoping you'd make a larger bottle. I thought the article on your home page was very well done. The presentation and photos were very nice. It's nice to see some recognition for your company. Others need to learn what we Alaskans have known for years -- Alpenglow products are natural, high quality and made by hand in Alaska!"
Janis K., Anchorage, AK

"I have PCOS which leads to cystic acne. One month ago when I almost gave up on my skin, I tried your product on my face. It has done wonders. Can't wait to see what my skin looks like in a couple months."
Tanya H., Middlefield, CT

"I tried a small Balsam Poplar Balm have used every last bit of it and it works wonders on my cracked fingers and heels. I love the smell - it reminds me of our memorable trip to your beautiful state."
Pat A., Tucson, AZ

"Tried your balsam poplar balm while in Alaska 2 summers ago. Now I'm sure that it's the best thing for the rash on my hands. I Have seen it work on infections so I keep coming back. Thanks!"
Maxine W., Atlanta, GA

"My husband and I both love what Alpenglow Shampoo Bars have done to our hair. It has added shine and fullness to my hair, and does not leave my hair feeling coated. My hair has more fullness and body than it has ever had without adding any hairspray or other product. I only condition my hair when it needs it, and it has never needed it since I have started using the shampoo bar. I am recommending it to my clients, and do not plan to ever go back to regular shampoo. Thank you so much."
Debra L., Anchorage, AK

"After an accident years ago causing a hematoba and contusion to my left calf, I developed blood clots...and about 20 stasis ulcers that the doctors couldn't cure. Nothing worked and it was getting worse. I then tried your Balsam Poplar Balm. I applied a liberal amount to the infected area. When I first tried it, the skin actually started softening up and stayed that way. I had less pain and the ulcer was healing, My doctor at the VA said wow it looks totally different from when she saw it 30 days prior. As of April 08 the ulcer has cleared up and I have less pain. You make a wonderful product that really works and I will keep buying it even if I don't have an ulcer on my leg, it softens the skin, the aroma is great, not stinky like most products out there. I want to thank you again for making the Balsam Poplar Balm because it is awesome!!!"
Bryan H., Anchorage, AK

"Your Balsam Poplar Balm aroma is intoxicating! Its sweet, balsamic fragrance and pain relieving qualities I have come to value above all other trees and herbs. As a floral designer and cat owner I got some bad knicks and scratches which became inflamed and infected, with a burning, irritated sensation. Almost instantaneously I had total irritation and pain relief upon application of the Alpenglow Balsam Poplar Balm! It is wonderous! Yours in gratitude and love of poplar trees,"
Emily R., Seattle, WA

"I received a few of your products as a gift, now I can't think of being without. I ran out of the hand and face cream. Now I feel like my face will dry up, crack and fall off. I sure don't want to be faceless in CT. Keep up the good work."
Suzy B., Durham, CT

"I first tried Alpenglow 2 years ago when I met Susan at the AK Women's show. Your products, especially the face and hand lotionare by far the most effective thing I have ever used on my face, I have sensitive and dry skin. I have gotten all my sisters all over America into your products and we all agree that you are very wise and talented people whom we enjoy supporting. We hope we can buy your products FOREVER! Thanks again for all you do."
Julie S., Anchorage, AK

"After discovering your products I knew I wanted to use nothing else. Now my friends are requesting some of your products - because I smell so good and my hair is beautiful. I also love being able to support a small business in a town that I love! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your soaps and shampoo bars and the rest... I love them!"
Betsy R., Brunswick, GA

"You really run a wonderful business and I am amazed at the quality of the product and how it feels on my skin. I sometimes feel bad for women who don't know that such a wonderful product is made locally by people who really care about their customers and they go down to Nordstroms and buy expensive stuff that has unhealthy ingredients. I spread the word whenever I get a chance about Alpenglow. The cream and lip balm are always in my back pack and go with me everywhere. The cream and lip balm are what I put on before I go to bed and and the first thing I put on when I wake up." 
Helen L., Anchorage, AK

"Thank you for such wonderful products. A friend had me use thehand and face cream while we were in Lake Tahoe and it was so wonderful that when I returned home, I went on line to track you down. How delighted I was to find you and order more products. The cream surpasses all others. The light fragrance is perfect for men and women. I love the massage oil and take it with me for my massages. Thank you for such a high quality product! You have a wonderful product line."
Susan E., Groton, MA & Zephyr Cove, NV

"My grandson and I were hiking in Denali and our guides gave us a sample of the Balsam Poplar Balm. IT IS MAGIC! But you already know that! It is even working on my dog who has a skin condition. I can't picture being without it. Thank you."
Sue M., Carmel, IN

"To tell you the truth, I was skeptical. I've used Campmor 100% DEET for years. I use your soap, so I tried your insect repellent. I spent a month in Florida, by the beaches and the inland swamps. Lots of bugs. But they didn't even land on me. It was like I had a magic shield around me. And no DEET. Thank you for a wonderful product. You have a convert."
Bobby E., New York, NY

"I was using Alpenglow shampoo bars for years then I just figured it was easier not to order (shipping and handling $$ and such ) and so I started using Burt's Bees shampoo bar but it left my head feeling itchy. The other day I found one of your bars that I didn't know I still had in the cabinet. I started using it and realized that I like it so much better than Burt's Bees so I would like to place an order again!!!"
Michelle S., Saylorsburg, PA

"My 20 month old son has had a patch of eczema on his cheek for most of his life. It comes and goes and we have tried everything, including hydrocortisone cream. My sister started putting her Jojoba Hand and Face Cream on it and it has really helped. We live in New York City and it gets very dry here in the winter so I know I'll have to keep something on it most of the time and I am so happy to have found something all natural. He calls it his "medicine" and loves putting it on his "booboo". Thank you for providing us with the cream and you can count on an order from Manhattan when we need more!"
Megan L., New York, NY

"I just purchased some of your cream. You told me that it would not clog my pores (a problem I have when putting anything on my face) and you were right!! I am amazed at how supple it makes my face feel and it smells wonderful. I would swear that my wrinkles are not quite so prominent, either. I just purchased more of your product for myself and for holiday presents. Thanks"
Roxy M., Soldotna, AK

"I quickly grabbed a jar of your Jojoba Hand and Face Cream at the crafts fair yesterday, and I have to tell you that it is the BEST I have ever used. I have been trying for years to find something just like this! The Jason Shea Nut Butter was too heavy, the Avalon Organics Moisturizer too thin. I cannot wait to try your soaps and shampoo bar and lip balm. I will be getting many of your 1 oz. creams for Christmas gifts! Thank you for making such a great product, so naturally, and here in Alaska!! You have a fan in Kasilof!"
Lauri P., Kasilof, AK

"I had the opportunity to observe Susan Houlihan making her soapsand other products at her home. I can't picture anyone putting more care or meticulous craftsmanship into their work. There is no reason to buy commercial products when I've seen first hand how superior Alpenglow's quality and purity is. This is the best stuff there is."
Jamie Z., Tacoma, WA

"Alpenglow Lip Balm rocks! In all my years of experimenting and searching out different lip balms, (I always have one in my pants pocket) without a doubt this is the best my lips have ever experienced. It actually seems to heal the lips so that the more I use it the less I need to use it. I have three flavors but Tangerine Dream is my favorite. I also use the fragrant soaps and skin creams. They are out of this world and unlike anything I've used before. The smells alone are to die for."
Nina E., Houston, TX

"My hair is baby fine and I have been trying to grow it out for years, but it always breaks and has stayed the same length for about 20 years. After using the shampoo bars I began to notice my hair growth. My husband even asked what I had done to make my hair grow longer. That was in 2002 and it continues to grow with very little breaking or splitting. Since my first purchase, I use nothing else, and it has never built up any residue like most of the commercial shampoos. Thanks again for such a wonderful product."
Sandra F., Big Lake, AK

"I LOVE your soaps. The smells are out of this world and they are so moisturizing. They are a really good value too. I've been using different natural soaps with olive oil and goats milk for the past two years and have found they all have a similar rate of attrition: 2 weeks. Two lousy weeks and they are completely melted. Your soap usually lasts me 5 or 6 weeks and I am a frequent showerer. I'm addicted."
Lisa P., Seattle, WA

"I have been using Alpenglow Skin Care products for over 3 years. I purchased my first product while attending the University of Alaska Anchorage massage therapy program. I found a unique difference between the schools massage oil and Alpenglow's Muscle Ease massage oil. My client was not sticky, sweaty and most importantly did not feel a shower afterward was neccessary. The aromatherapy is divine and not over-powering. Now that I own my business in Washington, I use oils from Alpenglow skin care. It gives me the ability to share with my clients the wonders of Alaska, and give them a great massage. My business would not be the same without them."
Jill S., LMT, Montesano, WA

"Thank you so much for your products which have really made a difference in my life. The jojoba cream helps soothe the eczema that breaks out on my hands from stress. The massage oil rocks too. I use it for my boyfriends daily foot massages and he loves it. The wrappers you use around each soap are so attractive that it's tempting to just keep them on the shelf to look at and smell. It really makes my day better to wake up and use your products which I trust for my entire family. The scents are the absolute best, not gaudy or overwhelming, but naturally delightful. I love your stuff."
Bonnie A., Phoenix, AZ

"I bought a small jar of your midnight sun hand and face cream and I have to tell you how wonderful it is. First of all, I liked using it as a body cream, not just for hands and face. Since my chemotherapy treatment in 1999 I have not been able to find a cream/lotion/moisturizer – ANYTHING – to put on my face without it breaking out in a rash until your cream. Your skin care products really work for my sensitive skin. Thank you."
Meg L., Seattle, WA

"I can't believe what a difference the Balsam Poplar Balm has made for my son's diaper rash. I've tried everything over the counter including the natural stuff, and a prescription ointment for him. Nothing has worked like this. No more redness or irritation and he clearly feels better the second I put it on him. It's really phenomenal!"
Sarah M., Homer, AK

"My sister bought me the Forget-Me-Not gift pack for Christmas and I love it. The products are so much gentler on my skin and feel healthier to me than what I get from the store. I especially like the facial cleanser which works really well for my sensitive skin. I'm planning on giving my husband the Men's gift pack for his birthday. Thank you Alpenglow for making such wonderful handmade skin care products!"
Stacey M., Boston, MA

"For many years I battled the loss of muscle tone and hormonal changes due to severe liver disease. Now, I am healthy again from a liver transplant and ready to take on the world. I am so happy to have found your jojoba cream. The rich, emollient texture has revitalized my skin giving it a youthful glow that defies my 47 years. Now my skin feels as young as I do, again. Thanks again for a superior product!"
Talyne C., Palmer, AK

"After just one application of the hand and face cream my daughter said her eczema felt entirely better. What a relief to have her not be so miserable with the itching. She loves the way it feels on her skin and she hates greasy creams. And the scent of the Midnight Sun is so relaxing. I really think it helped her sleep better too. I love that I can use this same cream on my face. It's the perfect cream. Thank you."
Lois B., RN Manchester, NH

"I've been using your Balsam Poplar balm everyday for the last few weeks and I've noticed a major improvement in my tough old weather beaten cracked skin on both my hands and feet. I want a lifetime supply."
Dick B., Hilton, NY

"A friend gave me some of your face cream last October for my birthday. I have been using it all winter and I absolutely love love love it! This is the first winter in Alaska that the skin on my face doesn't look like a reptile!"
Karey L., Talkeetna, AK

"Your unscented skin cream is really unparalleled. Since I began using it my face has been hydrated well and my skin has cleared up tremendously. I am giving your products as gifts so others may enjoy them as well. Thanks."
Janis K., Anchorage, AK

"I have had a long term problem with my skin feeling dry and itchy after bathing. With your shea butter soaps I do not. I have, for a senior, a nice face with few wrinkles and I am certain it's from your hand and face cream. Thanks a bunch."
Charlene E., Pollack Pines, CA

"Your soaps are absolutely amazing. I used Tom's of Maine and Burts Bees for years before I found Alpenglow. How good can soap be? Well you won't know until you use Susan's soap. The shea butter soap helped heal my eczema so I no longer need hydrocortizone. My skin is so soft and clean. They rinse great, no film left. Thank you so much for making such wonderfully-working good-for-my-skin products!! I LOVE your stuff!"
Gabe W., Atlanta, GA

"This is the best lotion I have ever used. It mositurizes my gardening hands better than anything else. A bottle lasts me a very long time because I only need a very small amount. It has a perfect consistency. I just love it."
Amy G., St. Petersburg, FL

"I love the new Northern Lights Lotion. The smell is my favorite of all things Alpenglow. Everyone in my house loves it including my son, daughter and husband. Rubbing your lotion all over my body is a treat after every shower. It keeps my aging skin soft and supple."
Erica F., Tok, AK

"My friend Tami visited her sister in Alaska. She came back with your wonderful gift bag. I love your products. I just had to order some more."
Robin L., Montoursville, PA

"The blackflies were the worst this summer I've seen in years. My two young children were getting hammered until we found Alpenglow deet-free bug dope. Even during sweaty soccer practice or fishing on our lake, the stuff is amazingly effective at keeping the insects from biting. My kids don't mind wearing it and I don't mind putting it on them! Thank you for making our summers more pleasant."
Mary C., Big Lake, AK

"I love the insect repellent not only for its effectiveness but also for the fragrance....would it be a safe and effective product to apply to horses? I'm not at all a big fan of regular insect repellent and it also sends me into a sneezing frenzy. Alaska's Best is wonderful!"
Cathy B., Mount Wolf, PA

"I spend my summer seasons doing botany field work in remote locations in the interior of Alaska. I've spent years 'being one' with mosquitos - making transects with them in my ears, eating them in my food, sleeping with them in my tent - because I refused to apply harmful chemicals to my skin and I couldn't find an effective natural repellant. Alpenglow's insect repellant changed my life. This stuff works!"
Timmy L., Portland, OR

"I love the smell of Alaska's Best Insect Repellent so much I use it as a massage oil. I know it's good for me and my skin. It kept the nasty biters from touching my skin all summer long so I couldn't be happier."
Rachael M., Eagle, ID

"Thank you for your wonderful insect repellent. I cannot believe how well it works. My husband and I went hiking after a rain and literally walked through swarms of mosquitoes and not one landed on us. I am so impressed I've been telling everyone about it."
Lorinda K., Detroit, MI

"We LOVE your liquid shampoo and hair rinse! I can't wait to try the shampoo bars!"
William M., Langhorne, PA

"My entire life I had dry, itchy scalp and straw like hair. I've been using your Midnight Sun Shampoo and the Herbal Hair Rinse for over a year now. I will never go back to a different brand. My hair has never been stronger, softer and more moisturized. My scalp is happy and never bothers me anymore. I love the scent and the way my hair feels. Thank you so much for your amazing products."
Karen F., Prescott, AZ

"I just got back from visiting a friend who swears by Alpenglow. I tried your shampoo and hair rinse at her house. LOVE IT! Just placed an order for more."
Alisa D. Powell, OH


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