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  • Conditioning & Styling Hair Treatment - Alpenglow Skin Care
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  • Conditioning & Styling Hair Treatment - Alpenglow Skin Care

Conditioning & Styling Hair Treatment


  • 8 oz with pump
  • 32 oz (quart)
  • 64 oz (half gallon)

Our Conditioning and Styling Hair Treatment is beneficial for all hair types and safe for color-treated hair. Our family harvests wild Alaskan botanicals to extract the most beneficial phytonutrients for hair. Our formula has no alcohol, parabens, sulfates or plasticizers. It improves hair texture and repairs damaged hair by strengthening and moisturizing naturally. It smells divine but not overpowering. Our leave-in serum is ideal for moisturizing and styling hair. 

DIRECTIONS: For best results, use after Alpenglow Shampoo and Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinse but can be used with other shampoos and/or conditioners. Towel dry hair and comb. Apply Conditioning and Styling Hair Treatment sparingly to palm and disperse in hands then finger comb hair, making sure to treat ends.

Use to enhance volume, definition and shine. Smoothes split ends and tames frizzy hair. Provides soft hold. Very concentrated.


INGREDIENTS: infusion of Alaskan wildcrafted nettles, horsetail and yarrow flowers in Alaskan pure water, organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, organic aloe vera, castor bean oil, organic lavender, orange and rose geranium essential oils, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant), potassium sorbate (natural preservative), xanthan gum.

BULK: a quart saves $17 and a half gallon saves $51 over buying individual 8 oz bottles. You also save packaging and turn your single-use 8 oz recyclable bottle, into a multi-use bottle by refilling it.

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Shannon P.


My hair was lifeless - flat, not shiny, no volume, dry. Just so boring and not really healthy looking. This leave in treatment has really changed the texture of my hair. It's healthier and full of volume and it smells great. The owner of the company talked with me on the phone for a really long time when I explained my hair issues and I just felt like I was talking to a friend who cared about me, not just wanting me to buy stuff. THE OWNER! This aint amazon folks. She actually makes this stuff with Alaskan plants she picks. I love the shampoo and hair rinse too. Everything is fantastic!


I'm a lifer!

My hair has been frizzy and wild since I was a child. I have never found anything natural or that didn't leave a crispy plastic gel look until I found Alpenglow. This leave-in treatment is the bomb. It tames my hair so it's not wild, it stops the friz in it's tracks and it leaves my hair well managed and behaving the way I like it. Like a good teacher! It is just what I want and it smells soo good to boot. Thank you Alpenglow!


Perfect Leave-in Hair Product

I cannot express enough how much I love this hair treatment. It has changed my hair immensly. My hair has struggled with being frizzy for my entire life and this really tames it without the stiff, plastic look. My hair is now manageable, soft, better textured and it has a nice healthy shine. Not oily or yucky. Just so lovely - healthy and just awesome. And the smell is just perfect. THank you Alpenglow - I'm a lifer.

Carol P.
Santa Fe, NM

Review from Customer

With my curly frizzy hair I have resorted to using 3 or 4 products every morning to try to tame my hair into being presentable. I can hardly believe that all I need now is your one Alpenglow Styling and Conditioning product. It is wonderful! I feel like my hair texture and appearance has improved so much. And I know it's healthy and good for my hair, not damaging like the other gels and hair products I used to use. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Marge M.
Glendale, WI

Review from Customer

Love the shampoo, hair rinse and the hair treatment. My curly, white hair never felt so soft. While on a vacation to your great state I bought the conditioning and styling hair treatment. I have coarse dry hair and because of the waves and curls, I let my hair air dry. I always looked for product that was natural, most commercial products dry my hair and make it feel crinkly. Your product makes my hair feel baby hair soft and the waves and curls air dry with no frizz. THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping it 'natural'.

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