• Aurora Shampoo & Shave Bar - Alpenglow Skin Care
  • Shampoo & Shave Bar - Aurora - Alpenglow Skin Care
  • Shampoo & Shave Bar - Aurora - Alpenglow Skin Care
  • Aurora Shampoo & Shave Bar - Alpenglow Skin Care
  • Shampoo & Shave Bar - Aurora

Shampoo & Shave Bar - Aurora



The magnificent display of northern lights (Aurora Borealis) inspired this bar with a revitalizing blend of lavender and rosemary essential oils, beneficial to all hair types, including color-treated.

Moisturizes and improves hair texture, stimulates the scalp, adds volume and shine, leaves hair clean and healthy. Follow with Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinse. It provides a super close shave and leaves skin moisturized.

Take it in your carry-on luggage, pool or gym bag, and camping kit and use it head to toe.

DIRECTIONS FOR HAIR: Wet your hair and rub the bar around your head several times. Spread the rich lather and built-in conditioners throughout your hair, working it into your scalp. Rinse. Follow with Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinse. Safe for color-treated hair. We never use sodium laurylth sulfate so our shampoo cleans your hair without stripping. Our premium nourishing oils will condition your hair without weighing it down.

DIRECTION FOR SHAVING: MEN - Wet your shave brush with warm water then rub on our shave bar to get a rich lather. Enjoy a cleaner shave that leaves your skin moisturized. Empty soap dish or shave mug of any remaining water. WOMEN - no shaving brush necessary, just rub the bar on your skin to be shaved and you’ll get a rich lather that will leave your skin soft and silky.


INGREDIENTS: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic fair-trade shea butter, castor oil, Alaskan pure water, sodium hydroxide, organic jojoba oil, organic lavender & rosemary essential oils, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant), kaolin clay.

4oz bar      Keep in a well-drained soap dish.

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So nice

I used to make my own shampoo bars, but since moving to AK I either buy online or just do without for a while. I found this just searching online for local products because of the slow mail service lately. I really am pleasantly surprised. This is the best shampoo bar (Aurora) that I have ever used. The lather is fluffy and just right. My thick hair was clean for days. I also used the styling cream just to keep my hair from getting so dry. I ordered some more (the pound bag), and I'm looking forward to trying that. Thank you for this product!


Best bar soap

Love this bar! Sudsy, detangles my hair, easy to use, and lasts a long time!


Not Your Usual Shampoo Bar!

I've had miserable luck with shampoo bars. I tried several from different companies and Etsy sellers, and every single one left my hair a dry sticky mess. It's naturally tangly, abundant fine wavy frizzy swamp witch hair. I didn't want to splurge quite as much on the liquid 'poo here (was already getting the vinegar herb rinse), and figured if I didn't have any luck with the bar it would make a nice body soap. Was I pleasantly surprised or what?! From the moment I started to rub the lather in, my scalp almost audibly sighed with relief and pleasure. I'd been battling some dry sensitive scalp with Hask's honey shampoo, and always take a gamble on what I use because it may not react favorably with our well water. When I rinsed the suds out I felt a little stickiness and my hair tangled up, but I made sure I rinsed completely. The herbal rinse really makes a difference! The leave-in conditioner finishes the process with a little moisture, and I believe this is a regimen I'll be happy to stick with. My hair is soft and manageable, and even feels a little thicker already after three washes. And the label is right: you'll need fewer washes! I was able to leave five days in between washes this third time, when before I'd be greasy by the middle of the second day. So happy with this stuff!

Rita S.
Winder, GA

Review from Customer

I visit a long hair website and there is a section devoted to shampoo bars. Most of the women there have used bars from one particular place,(as I have) and they complain of getting the waxies from the bars. One of the women stated that she has ordered from you and loves the bars. She stated that her hair is awesome with them. I love the feel of my hair with Alpenglow.

Debra L.
Anchorage, AK

Review from Customer

My husband and I both love what Alpenglow Shampoo Bars have done to our hair. It has added shine and fullness to my hair, and does not leave my hair feeling coated. My hair has more fullness and body than it has ever had without adding any hairspray or other product. I only condition my hair when it needs it, and it has never needed it since I have started using the shampoo bar. I am recommending it to my clients, and do not plan to ever go back to regular shampoo. Thank you so much.

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