Susan adding essential oils into the Face, Hand & Body Wash.

Our skin-softening formula will leave your face, hands, and whole body feeling baby soft and glowing with natural radiance. We add no alcohol, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrance, or irritating sodium lauryl sulfate. These chemicals can leave the skin feeling dry, tight, and rough. Instead you'll find nothing but nourishing organic plant oils, botanical extracts and Alaskan pure water that create a concentrated wash with a delightful rich lather. Excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin and babies. Great in shower, and at bathroom and kitchen sink.

Contains: Alaskan pure water, saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and organic coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, sodium borate, essential oils, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant).

Arctic Sun  fresh smelling with lemon and litsea essential oils

12 oz bottles with pumps are $16 each

Ordering in bulk reduces packaging consumption and saves labor. We pass those cost savings on to you in large sizes.

Lavender Mint with lavender and a hint of refreshing peppermint essential oil

12 oz bottles with pumps are $16 each

Ordering in bulk reduces packaging consumption and saves labor. We pass those cost savings on to you in large sizes.


“I have used these products for years and have found none to compare!”
Stephanie K., Grand Haven, MI

“I've been using your product for about one month and love it! Your Hand & Body Wash is also great for the face! I actually pair it up with the facial toner and facial cream for a complete skin care regimen. Nothing could be better! Thanks.”
Trenton W.

"I found you on EWG Skin Deep website years ago, and I love being a repeat customer! Our girls are getting married this spring and I've bought them each 1/2 gal sizes of Hand and Body Wash as well as other items to start their households the Alpenglow way. It's so nice to use a product that works and I can feel good about."
Janet T., Mechanicsville, VA

"The lavender hand & body wash is so soothing to my dry skin. I wish the hospital I work at had it in all the soap dispensers so the staff didn't suffer from such dry skin. Thank you for making such wonderful products."
Amy T., Cincinnati, OH

"Your liquid body wash is all I use in my dispensers in the kitchen and bathroom. It has saved my hands! Thank you."
Kathy T. Girdwood, AK

"I have to tell you, my daughter's boyfriend is crazy about the hand wash, so I'm getting him his own for Christmas! I look forward to placing this order because I feel I am doing something good for my family and not sacrificing quality to do it. We love your products! Love the new workshop tour on your website too."
Janet T., Mechanicsville, VA

"EVERYONE in the family fell in love with the Arctic Sun Hand & Body Wash!!  Leaves us feeling CLEAN...FRESH and EVER so SOFT!!! Ever since I got my gallon I’m sharing it WITH EVERYBODY I CAN !!! I always give “natural” bath products to all the secretaries & nurses at the doctor’s office and I would LOVE to share your product with all the girls at my local natural food store. Maybe they would even consider carrying your line.  WE NEED YOU on the EAST COAST !!! My family all loves your products."
Jackie Y., Catawissa, PA

"With all of our diaper changes and rinsing of cloth diapers these days, we especially love your hand and body wash! Keeps our skin happy!"
Larissa Y., Santa Fe, NM

"I ran out of my beloved Alpenglow Skin Care products a few weeks ago.....I replaced it in the interim with supermarket brand shower gel and lotion and did not like it one bit! My skin was dry, scaly and plain unhappy! Just today, we were able to get our Alpenglow products from Susan - thank you!!!!!  I can't tell you how sensual of an experience it was to shower with Alpenglow Body Wash and to then apply Alpenglow Body Lotion! The aromatherapy in the shower was divine and the feeling of clean without chemicals was extraordinary! It’s the most sumptuous experience to lather myself with Arctic Sun Body Wash……it was a luxurious SPA treatment in my own bathroom. My dry skin literally soaks the lotion up and the refreshing scents lifted my spirits after a long day at work. Alpenglow skin care products are not just good for you, good for your skin and good for the environment - Alpenglow Skin Care enhances your life! Thank you Susan!"
Stefanie F., Girdwood, AK

“Every time I order the hand and body wash I debate which scent to get. I finally decided that I can get both the lavender and arctic sun and have a different scent in each bathroom. Your recipe has nailed the perfect combination of cleansing, fabulous lather and the way it makes your skin feel – it’s like there is lotion built in. I love it and how it’s homemade and Alaskan.”
Gloria G., Colorado Springs, CO

“Thank you for your wonderful products. I really love showering with the body wash and the sisal washcloth. It’s perfect for lather and deep cleansing.”
Elena A., Phoenix, AZ

“A friend gave me one of your gift bags a couple of years ago and now has me hooked! Recently I’ve tried your cottonwood balm and arctic sun body wash and I am convinced that there is no better skincare product out there!  Keep up what you are doing, your products are divine!”
Kali S., Mankato, MN

"You should call your hand and body wash a face soap too. I'm very picky with what I put on my face because I break out so easily. I find your liquid soap to be mild enough for daily use and I love the morning ritual because it smells so good. And I only need half a pumps worth to do the job. I have been using your products for years and have nothing but good things to say about them. Keep up the good work! I love the new packaging by the way."
Glenda D., Kona, HI

"Want to let you know that the new liquid hand and body wash that I got is WONDERFUL. Just never will use anything else now."
Lauri P., Kasilof, AK